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Of or relating to a probabilistic stochastic model in which predictions are made based only on the current state of the system, and not on any previous states.

[After Andrei Andreyevich Markov, (1856-1922), Russian mathematician.]
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Adj.1.Markovian - relating to or generated by a Markov process
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Similarly, Zhao discussed the Markovian behavior of PU and a partially observable decision framework to maximize the throughput of CR system [22].
The name semi-Markov stems from the fact that the process is only assumed to be Markovian from decision point to decision point, which conveniently allows for existing dynamic programming results to apply at the level of decisions (or action choices).
For instance, in [16], the authors studied the global stability of coupled nonlinear systems with Markovian switching by graph theory; in [35], Zhang et al.
Spohn, "Kinetic equations from Hamiltonian dynamics: Markovian limits," Reviews of Modern Physics, vol.
The performance analysis of such bursty and correlated type of the arrival (service) processes may be done through some analytically tractable processes, namely, Markovian arrival process (C-MAP) and Markovian service process (C-MSP); see Lucantoni et al.
To the best of our knowledge, there is no article that considers [H.sub.[infinity]] filtering problem for multiagent systems with Markovian switching topologies and network-induced delay based on event-triggered strategy.
Cao, "Stability analysis of markovian jump stochastic BAM neural networks with impulse control and mixed time delays," IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, vol.
Due to the random link failures, variation meeting the need and sudden environmental disturbances, some dynamical systems could be modeled as Markovian switching systems, which are starting with a rapid development [21-23].
This type of process conforms to the Markovian model of improvisation in the sense that the "actor's creative choice is determined by the probabilities of succession that accompany the semiotic act that immediately precedes it." Now, such a type of performance is not an easy task.
The researchers came to these conclusions by using an approach called pair-wise sequential Markovian coalescent.
[13](ii) it extends from the analysis of the Markovian queue with two heterogeneous servers studied by Yue et al.
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