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 (märl′bər-ə, -brə, môl′-), First Duke of.
See John Churchill.


(ˈmɑːlbərə; -brə; ˈmɔːl-)
(Placename) a town in S England, in Wiltshire: besieged and captured by Royalists in the Civil War (1642); site of Marlborough College, a public school founded in 1843. Pop: 7713 (2001)


(ˈmɑːlbərə; -brə; ˈmɔːl-)
(Biography) 1st Duke of. title of John Churchill. 1650–1722, English general; commander of British forces in the War of the Spanish Succession (1701–14), in which he won victories at Blenheim (1704), Ramillies (1706), Oudenaarde (1708), and Malplaquet (1709)


(ˈmɑrl bɜr oʊ, -bʌr oʊ -brə, ˈmɔl-)

John Churchill, 1st Duke of, Churchill, John.
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In a statement, James Lafferty, BAT Philippines, general manager said on December 13 that Marlboro cigarettes remain the dominant brand in the high tier category despite the recent increase in excise tax rates.
Marlboro, L&M, Winston and Mild Seven are the top four brands by world sales.
Although there was much anguish caused by my encounters at Marlboro, I do have the school to thank for one thing--it showed me where my life must now go.
2 Marlboro cigarettes/single pack 135,704,600 - 10.
They wait, poised beneath these expanses suggested by Marlboro, posing occupation against liberation, the contrast providing a portrait of the circulation and stress points of millennial culture and economies.
Cigarette manufacturers exploit sporting events in a variety of ways, ranging from such old-fashioned strategies as stadium advertising to the virtual invention of eponymous sports, like Winston Series Drag Racing or Marlboro Cup horseracing.
Doherty scored a career-high 33 points to lift Marlboro to a come-from-behind, 65-58 victory at the MassMutual Center Tuesday.
PMFTC submitted its petition to the BIR's large taxpayer Service (LTS) two weeks ago to arrest the decline of Marlboro sale because many low-income smokers like laborers and drivers of public utility vehicles have been shifting to low-priced MC brands.