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Noun1.Marmora - an inland sea in northwestern TurkeyMarmora - an inland sea in northwestern Turkey; linked to the Black Sea by the Bosporus and linked to the Aegean by the Dardanelles
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After tarrying here awhile, the Bay of Salamis will be crossed, and a day given to Corinth, whence the voyage will be continued to Constantinople, passing on the way through the Grecian Archipelago, the Dardanelles, the Sea of Marmora, and the mouth of the Golden Horn, and arriving in about forty-eight hours from Athens.
Here it is proposed to remain two days, visiting the harbors, fortifications, and battlefields of the Crimea; thence back through the Bosphorus, touching at Constantinople to take in any who may have preferred to remain there; down through the Sea of Marmora and the Dardanelles, along the coasts of ancient Troy and Lydia in Asia, to Smyrna, which will be reached in two or two and a half days from Constantinople.
Now, in this history of his, Procopius mentions that, during the term of his prefecture at Constantinople, a great sea-monster was captured in the neighboring Propontis, or Sea of Marmora, after having destroyed vessels at intervals in those waters for a period of more than fifty years.
Unitaid Executive Director Lelio Marmora said: 'This significant partnership between the MPP and ViiV Healthcare highlights the efficacy of the MPP's model in speeding up access to innovative, quality-assured medicines.
En 1973, Manuel Castells--junto a Paul Singer, Lelio Marmora, Milton Santos, Jacqueline Weisslitz, Anibal Quijano, Ramiro Cardona, Humberto Munoz, Orlandina de Oliveira, Claudio Stern, Fernando H.
Over the last 10 years, Ocean Construction in Marmora has worked on more than 100 federal construction jobs.
Terrion, from Marmora, had 93 goals and 150 assists in 561 NHL games in eight seasons with the Los Angeles Kings and Maple Leafs.
| HMS Marmora Since the project began, people have been encouraged to send their stories.