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A member of an Eastern Catholic church, chiefly of Lebanon, the liturgy of which is written in Syriac.

[Medieval Latin marōnīta, after Maro, fourth-century ad Syrian religious leader.]

Mar′o·nite′ adj.


(Ecclesiastical Terms) Christianity a member of a body of Uniats of Syrian origin, now living chiefly in Lebanon
[C16: from Late Latin Marōnīta, after Maro, 5th-century Syrian monk]


(ˈmær əˌnaɪt)

a member of a Uniate church, chiefly in Lebanon, having a Syriac liturgy.
[1505–15; < Medieval Latin Marōnīta, allegedly after St. Maron or Maro (d. 407), a Syrian monastic; see -ite1]
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Commissioner for Humanitarian Affairs Photis Photiou called the meeting a provocative move aimed to confuse the Maronite community.
NNA - Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Bechara Boutros al-Rahi, Mufti of the Republic Sheikh Abdul-Latif Derian, and representatives of various Lebanese sects arrived in Vienna on Sunday to participate in the works of the conference for peace organized by the King Abdullah Center for Inter-religious Dialogue.
Summary: The Council of Maronite Bishops Wednesday praised the unified position the Lebanese delegation presented at the Arab Summit last month, expressing hope that this harmony would hasten agreement on an electoral law.
Maron is the father of the Maronite Churche's spiritual and monastic movement.
Beirut, SANA- Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bechara Boutros al-Rahi on Monday renewed his call for stopping the terrorist war on Syria and other countries in the region.
LOUIS -- When Deacon Wissam Akiki was ordained as a Maronite Catholic priest Thursday night in St.
The Maronite Academy is an initiative, undertaken by the Maronite Foundation, aimed at introducing young Lebanese immigrants around the world to their country of origin, Lebanon.
During a break from tedious archival dissertation research, the author began flipping through a manuscript catalogue when he came across a reference to the eighteenth-century story of the Maronite mystic Hindiyya al-'Ujaimi, known to us at this point only through secondary sources.
Dubai: Lebanese Patriarch Bashara Al Ra'i, will become the first Maronite to be a vote for and be a candidate for the new Pope.
as successor to Most Reverend Joseph Khoury as Eparchial Bishop of the Catholic Maronite Eparchy of Canada.
Summary: Syria: Maronite patriarch Beshara Rai will visit Damascus on Sunday to attend the enthronement of .
DAMASCUS, Feb 9 (KUNA) -- Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bechara Boutros Al-Rahi said here Saturday that reforms are necessary in all places but can be reached only through dialogue and cooperation.