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Yet the historical events on which it is based were indeed dramatic: the shipwreck of the Dutch slaver Leusden in 1738 at the mouth of the Marowijne with 664 enslaved men and women drowning in the bolteddown holds and sixteen others plus all of the crew surviving to reach Paramaribo.
The survey, which measured alcohol, cigarette, and drug use in the general public, showed that the drugs of choice are alcohol and cigarettes, and that less than one percent of respondents admitted to cocaine use in the month prior to the survey (except in the Districts of Commewijne and Marowijne, where the percentage was 1.3 percent).
Langamankondre (locality 7) is on the west bank of the Marowijne River, in a part of Surinam where gallery forests commonly interrupt the coastal savannas.
Meanwhile a Chinese company, China Zhong Heng Tai, is reportedly waiting for the go-ahead, to start its palm oil project in the eastern Marowijne District.
Other material examined.--SURINAME: Marowijne: 1 [??], Anapaike Village, Lawa River (05[degrees]42'N, 54[degrees]00'W), 1 [??], 8-29 November 1963, B.