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n.1.(Zool.) The razor-billed auk. See Auk.
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The vehicles whistled past the old and abandoned forts like Dingarh, Islamgarh, Marrot, Nawankot, Maujgarh and Jamgarh.
The rally route has been extended to more than 450kms in Cholistan Desert covering three districts including Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar and Rahim Yar Khan, and also major forts of the desert (Dingarh Fort, Islamgarh Fort, Marrot Fort, Nawakot Fort, Moujgarh Fort, Mirgarh Fort and Jamgarh Fort).
Ellervik C, Marrot JL, Tybjaerg-Hansen A, Schnohr P, Nordestgaard BG.
On the Scottie Dog Pillow, designed by Stephanie Marrot, a friendly black Scottie Dog prowls through the snow, looking for his friends no doubt.
The following are of the major deals: 1600 bales from station Fort Abbas done between Rs6300 and Rs6500, 1000 bales from Hasilpur done at Rs6350, 400 bales from Gojra done at Rs6700, 1400 bales from Ahmedpur done at Rs6700 to Rs6900, 600 bales from Bahawalpur done atRs6900, 500 bales from Vehari done at 6950, 100 bales from Mirpurkhas done at Rs6500, 300 bales from Darna Wala done at Rs5900 to 6100, 1000 bales from Faqir Wali done at Rs6290 to 6325, 900 bales from Haroonabad done at Rs6290, 1000 bales from Fazilpur done at Rs6300, 400 bales from Pir Mahal done at Rs6300 and 600 bales from Marrot done at Rs6300.
The major Desert Research Stations are at Dingarh, Naraywala, Hyderwali, Toba Allah Yar, Marrot, Qaim Sir, Noorpur Balochan, Noor Sir Balochan, Malkana, Nawa Khoh, Piryar, Chaku, consisting of land for research more than 200 hectares.
La boheme que Rachilde frequente dans ces annees 1880, "Leo Trezeniks [sic], Jean Moreas, Laurent Tailhade, les Margueritte, Verlaine, Taboureux, de Guaita, Marsollo, Ycres, Jules Renard, Joseph Caraguel, Melandri, Paul Marrot, Joseph Gayda, Haraucourt, Rameau, Darzens, etc .
Bryan Marrot, 71, said: "There are plenty more to go up and we will be working till the end of November.
Full back Herve Marrot eased past a weak challenge to level with Mayan's conversion and penalty giving the Grizzlies a four-point lead.
In the same month, Charles Masterman, his friend and contact in Churchill's department, confirmed that he `had turned the Home Office upside down with Justice' (diary, quoted in Marrot 1935: 281), and in May he hinted that changes in the policy of separate confinement were imminent.