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 (mäs′kär-pō′nĕ, -pōn′)
A fresh soft Italian cheese with a high butterfat content, made from light cream.

[Italian, augmentative of dialectal (Lombardy) mascarpa, mascherpa, a kind of ricotta, of unknown origin.]


(Cookery) a soft Italian cream cheese
[from Italian, from dialect (Lombardy) mascherpa ricotta]


(ˌmæs kɑrˈpoʊ ni)
a very soft Italian cheese made from cow's milk and cream.
[1930–35; < Italian, derivative of dial. Italian mascarpa cream cheese]


A thick Italian cream cheese made from cow's milk, and used in sweet and savory dishes.
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Noun1.mascarpone - soft mild Italian cream cheesemascarpone - soft mild Italian cream cheese  
cream cheese - soft unripened cheese made of sweet milk and cream
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Simmer for 15-20 minutes, then stir in 200ml creme fraiche or marscapone.
The Five delicious flavours include Belgium chocolate, Cornish sea salted caramel, Madagascan vanilla, Colombian caffe latte and Sicillian lemon marscapone.
99 [pounds sterling] each), Luxury Baked New York Cheesecake (475g) Lemon & Marscapone Cheesecake (490g) and Belgian Milk Chocolate Cheesecake (494g) all offer a smooth mouth-feel and sharp, creamy flavour
The wine dinner menu: Spring Panzanella Salad: asparagus, shaved radish, ricotta salaata, spring vegetables and toasted bread, tossed in lemon viniagrette; Braised Duck Taco: duck confit with red wine and onions served with a fresh red cabbage cucumber slaw, Sriracha aioli and crispy wonton taco shells; Beef Tenderloin Crostine: thinly sliced filet mignon served on a crispy crostine topped with spiced red wine cherry glaze and horseradish cream; Cassoulet: slowly braised chicken thighs in a white bean ragu with pork belly and pancetta; Spring Fresh Fruit Crostatas: local assortment of fresh fruits glazed with honey and baked in a fresh pastry crust, topped with whipped marscapone.
Another must-do is to sample the amazing ice-cream at the Red Boat parlour, which features delights like rhubarb crumble, jelly bean and strawberry marscapone and balsamic vinegar.
You won't get an exact match, but try blue cheese (for tanginess), mozzarella (for meltiness) or marscapone (for creaminess) instead.
Whether you try the Oven roasted Peppers filled with Bulgur, vegetarian Gulasch or home made pasta with the (at the moment) ever-present white asparagus, cherry tomatoes and herbed marscapone you will not be disappointed here.
The line includes gourmet cakes and cups in varieties such as Tiramisu, Toasted Almond Cream Cake, Limoncello Marscapone Cake and Belgian Chocolate Mousse; authentic gelato in a variety of flavors; and cannoli kits.
Meanwhile, my better half opted for the trio of chocolate deserts, which also included a brownie, along with a white chocolate and marscapone cheesecake and a chocolate mousse.
Guests will enjoy Moet 2003 Grand Vintage Blanc and Rose and graze on fresh fig with marscapone, smoked salmon croque monsieur, mushroom tart with thyme cream and fresh prawns with sauce romasco.
Gordon - who spent three years perfecting flavours such as Wild Mushroom and Marscapone and Bolognese and Red Wine - won't earn a penny from his latest project.
Marscapone cheesecake with strawberries and aged balsamic is offered at 3 on Fourth restaurant in Santa Monica.