Marsh cinquefoil

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the Potentilla palustris, a plant with purple flowers which grows in fresh-water marshes.
(Bot.) a plant (Potentilla palustris) having purple flowers, and found growing in marshy places; marsh five-finger.

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Above all I recall the smells and colours of a tapestry of herbs which I had never encountered before: marsh St John's-wort in a peaty ditch, marsh cinquefoil and bogbean in pools, and purple loosestrife and hemp agrimony in former peat cuttings, a sign to take care when stepping on what looked like solid ground.
I've seen kingfishers, buzzards and even hobbies at the reserve, and there are lots of different reptiles and rare wetland plants there, including the marsh cinquefoil, which is absolutely stunning and flowers in June and July.
Rare plants include southern marsh orchids, marsh cinquefoil, marsh arrow-grass, marsh pennywort and lesser water parsnip.
A pond provides drinking water for the animals and has rare sphagnum moss and marsh cinquefoil, too.
Around the lough are plants such as marsh cinquefoil and its crimson flowers and strawberry-like fruit, skullcap, flag iris, water mint, angelica, sneezewort, and ragged robin.
SIR James Cayzer wishes it known that plants featured in a story carried last week were not cannabis, as a leading drugs expert stated, but in fact were Marsh Cinquefoil.