Marsh grass

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(Bot.) a genus (Spartina) of coarse grasses growing in marshes; - called also cord grass. The tall Spartina cynosuroides is not good for hay unless cut very young. The low Spartina juncea is a common component of salt hay.

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She had even roofed the hole in rough fashion by means of drift wood and marsh grass. On top of the grass she had piled sand.
I shall never forget his face as it looked one night when he told me about the solitary day he spent among the sea temples at Paestum: the soft wind blowing through the roofless columns, the birds flying low over the flowering marsh grasses, the changing lights on the silver, cloud-hung mountains.
Cameron, a fan of wild camping, shows us marsh grass you can peel and eat, and use as a candle wick.
To the Pashtun women who press the sounds in their chests to dark cement we offer marsh grass seedling May God make you into a river bank flower So I may smell you when I gather water .
Once the flood tide filled the marsh grass, a falling tide once again found good numbers of mullet working right up in the mouth of the small creek and along the outside edges.
"The way carbon gets buried usually starts with photosynthesis, through which carbon dioxide is converted to organic material in the form of plankton, marsh grass, mangroves, or sea grass," Najjar says.
Josh Ward was peering from his hide in the marsh grass, watching dolphins splash and feed in the shallow waters off the Sea of Cortez during a slow morning duck hunt, when a boisterous pod of bottlenose worked over toward a resting flock, disturbing them.
Besides that, there are other precious plants in the locality, such as Turkish marsh gladiolus, yellow iris, shining meadow-rue, marsh grass of Parnassus and 15 species of moss.With the surrounding area, the Hostovickeacute meadows have been included in the area of European significance since 2004.
Realtree's most recent duck pattern gets its appearance and versatility by layering photo-realistic renderings of marsh grass, reeds, wheat and oats throughout the garment.
They stopped fishing there in Teakettle Creek and felt haunted when they saw snowy egrets rise from the marsh grass in the evenings.
Men also began the craft, weaving large baskets from bulrush, marsh grass found in the area.