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(Biography) John. ?1576–1634, English dramatist and satirist. His works include the revenge tragedies Antonio and Mellida (1602) and Antonio's Revenge (1602) and the satirical comedy The Malcontent (1604)


(ˈmɑr stən)

John, c1575–1634, English playwright.
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The plays which Jonson produced during the following years were chiefly satirical attacks on other dramatists, especially Marston and Dekker, who retorted in kind.
John Marston, as well, has too little delicacy or reserve; he also wrote catch-as-catch-can non-dramatic satires.
Shakspere's later contemporaries, under Elizabeth and James I: Jonson, Chapman, Dekker, Heywood, Middleton, Marston, Beaumont and Fletcher, Webster.
My conjecture had been correct: the strangers had slipped in before us, and they now stood by the vault of the Rochesters, their backs towards us, viewing through the rails the old time-stained marble tomb, where a kneeling angel guarded the remains of Damer de Rochester, slain at Marston Moor in the time of the civil wars, and of Elizabeth, his wife.
Teaming up with her mother, Stephanie Marston, a psychotherapist and work-life expert, Marston explores the characteristics that enable some people to thrive during the most difficult circumstances.
Professor Marston and the Wonder Women" focuses on the career and controversial personal life of Harvard professor, psychologist, lawyer, and inventor William Moulton Marston (1893-1947).
Charlie Thomas Marston arrived at Teesside Crown Court to be sentenced after he admitted breaking a man's jaw in an unprovoked attack inside The Keys night club in Yarm.
Fresh from its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, and its national release this past October, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women created serious showbiz buzz and critical acclaim.
Wonder Woman dominated the box office and the pop culture Zeitgeist this summer, but it's Professor Marston and the Wonder Women (out Oct.
Married Anthony Marston was killed instantly when he was struck by Michael Preston's HGV on the northbound section of the motorway, just past junction 10.
If Philip Bourke Marston (1850-1887) is remembered at all today, he is remembered as a "blind poet," a protege of Dante Gabriel Rossetti in the later Pre-Raphaelite movement.
WONDER Woman was created by the renowned psychologist and inventor William Moulton Marston.