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(mär′tə-băn′, -bän′), Gulf of
An arm of the Andaman Sea off southern Myanmar (Burma).


(Placename) Gulf of Martaban an inlet of the Bay of Bengal in Myanmar


(ˌmɑr təˈbɑn)

Gulf of, an inlet of the Bay of Bengal, in Burma.
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There is mention of stoves, furnaces and cauldrons, and even the different types of jars: a large Martaban with a lid for oil, dozens of earthenware jars made in San Pedro Macati, four Chinese jars, two large earthenware jars - one in red, the other in blue.
Many, if not most, of the transactions in this spice were not handled by the Europeans, but (as the Portuguese medic Garcia da Orta had already observed) were being exported to China, Martaban, Pegu, as well as to Arabia and the Red Sea region.
So after the outbreak of anti-Muslim riots in Martaban, Moulmein and other towns in lower Burma, the Muslim Liberation Organisation of Burma (MLOB) was formed and became a member of Democratic Alliance of Burma calling themselves K'Nyaw Thoo, they fought shoulder to shoulder with the ethnic and the pro-democracy groups against the marauding Tatmadaw.
The vessel, which has been in service since 2000, stores production from the Petronas-operated Yetagun gas/condensate field in the Gulf of Martaban.
Later that year Borbala started working with Martaban jars on Borneo--the topic of Barbara's own doctoral research at Cornell in the 1970s, based upon the collections in the Sarawak, Sabah, and Brunei Museums; the 1986 publication of which (Pusaka: Heirloom jars of Borneo) remains the main reference work for this wondrous group of objects.
Natural gas accounted for more than half of Myanmar's exports; it has been exploited offshore from Martaban Bay and transported to Thailand by pipeline since approximately 2000.
El rio Nu se extiende 2018 km a traves de la meseta de Tibet (600 km) y Yunnan (618 km), sigue hacia Tailandia y Birmania, donde adquiere el nombre de salween (800 km), y desemboca en el golfo de Martaban.
an Indian engineering firm, in the Sultanate of Oman for PTTEP International to be used at the Gulf of Martaban, Union of Myanmar.
3 that they will take stakes in the big M11 block in the Gulf of Martaban off Burma's southeast coast.
In 2007, PTTEP--a wholly owned subsidiary of the state-controlled company PTT (193)--put in bids for new natural gas projects in Burma, including the Shwe project in the Bay of Bengal (194) and the country is continuing to explore for commercially viable natural gas deposits in Burma's Gulf of Martaban.
We have not heard whether it has yet appeared at Martaban to disturb the contemplated festivities there.
From this mountain range, navigable branches of the great rivers of Nankin, of Cambodia, of Martaban, of Ava and of Assam derive their origin, and appear designed by nature as the great highways of commerce between the nations of Ultra Gangetic Asia.