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Noun1.Steve Martin - United States actor and comedian (born in 1945)
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The above mentioned played, in order: Brandon Walsh, Kelly Taylor, Donna Martin, Steve Sanders, David Silver and Andrea Zuckerman with the original show following their ups and downs through high school.
Council members Brenda Stardig, Dave Martin, Steve Le, Greg Travis, Mike Knox and Michael Kubosh voted against Houston joining the suit.
Sponsors Bill Blackburn (centre left) and Ken Atkinson (centre right) with finalists in the Lindley PS1000 competition (from left) David |Scott, Chris Mordue, Martin Griffiths, Terry Brook, Paul Ingleby, James Martin, Steve Hirst and Ashley Daykin.
Lee Archer, David Dolphin, Leigh Martin, Steve Bird, Webb Gray Architects
Groomsmen were Isaac Martin, Perry Erickson, Chase Campbell, David Falconi, Chad Gosselin, Jeff Martin, Steve Pearson, Cole Sirmon, and Brent Stevens.
Daley will be playing golf alongside United legends including Bobby Moncur, Irving Nattrass, Philippe Albert, Peter Withe, Mick Martin, Steve Harper (below) and Alan Shoulder as well as former world cruiserweight champion Glenn McCrory.
In that last match, Penarth fielded - John G Davies; Wayne Morgan, Ian Hopkins, Huw Rees, Les Keen; Ian Hall, Robert Dyer (replacement Gwynfor Williams); Jeff Pope, Phil Davies, Chris Morris, Gareth Jones, Allan Martin, Steve Lakin, Baden Evans (capt), Nick Wall.