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A Christian feast observed on November 11 in commemoration of the death and burial of Saint Martin of Tours.

[Middle English martinmesse : Martin, Saint Martin of Tours + messe, masse, Mass; see Mass.]


(Ecclesiastical Terms) the feast of St Martin on Nov 11; one of the four quarter days in Scotland


(ˈmɑr tn məs)

a church festival, November 11, in honor of St. Martin.
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Noun1.Martinmas - the feast of Saint MartinMartinmas - the feast of Saint Martin; a quarter day in Scotland
quarter day - a Christian holy day; one of four specified days when certain payments are due
Nov, November - the month following October and preceding December


[ˈmɑːtɪnməs] Ndía m de San Martín (11 noviembre)


nMartinstag m, → Martini nt
References in classic literature ?
Well, she was born the week I bought the boiler, so she'll be one-and-fifty (no less!) come Martinmas.' Mrs.
"I have heard of this book already," said Don Quixote, "and verily and on my conscience I thought it had been by this time burned to ashes as a meddlesome intruder; but its Martinmas will come to it as it does to every pig; for fictions have the more merit and charm about them the more nearly they approach the truth or what looks like it; and true stories, the truer they are the better they are;" and so saying he walked out of the printing office with a certain amount of displeasure in his looks.
The road is all spotted like a shambles at Martinmas. Why should ye mishandle yourselves thus?"
Benjamin; she be growed a rare slip of a wench since you seen her, though her'll be sixteen come Martinmas. I do aim to take her to see madam to get her a place."
On the tardis of your imagination, you drift back to that grim Martinmas Fair Day on Saturday, November 10, 1810.
UA also had forward 8843 store lambs and feeding sheep at the annual Martinmas Sale for BF lambs.
Martin of Tours (Martinmas) celebrated on 11 November.
The ancient Wroth Silver tradition, which dates back nearly 850 years to 1170, is held every year on Martinmas Eve.
An example from the sample is the snippets used on the 10th November, Martinmas. All these display how the traditional dinner (duck) is being prepared in many different parts of Denmark on this particular evening.
Now that the seasons are changing, you have a few weeks to start planning your Martinmas lantern walk for Nov.
This is Martinmas, one of the traditional term days in Scotland when rent would be collected.
In the estate records the annual rent for Buckley was PS24 and for Shaw PS27, due in two payments, one at Whitsuntide and the other at Martinmas - as was customary locally.