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n.1.(Min.) Iron sesquioxide in isometric form, probably a pseudomorph after magnetite.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The magnetite is variably altered to martite and shows a grainsize in the range 100-500um that forms 30-60% by volume of the rock.Dry magnetic separation test work on core samples by the South Australian Department of Mines and Energy in the 1960's produced high-grade concentrates at 56-65% iron with recoveries of 70-90%.A field sampling programme undertaken by Iron Road during 2009 from ten localities returned an average grade of 53.4% iron (55.7% CaFe) from all samples collected, with several individual samples recording >60% iron, indicating potential suitability for direct shipping ore.Close inspection of BIF outcrops within the exploration area has revealed that occasionally enclosed in the magnetite-gneiss are lenses of massive, coarse grained hematite or specularite.
Titanian magnetite appears in two generations: isolated, larger grains in millimetric sizes, now partially altered to martite and magbemite, and magnetite disseminated in the groundmass, altered to hematite and goethite.
Titanomagnetite forming rims of the above mentioned minerals is often replaced by secondary martite? and goethite.
Minor magnetite is present and some has been partly converted to hematite as martite. Minor pyrite is also present.