Mary Magdalen

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Noun1.Mary Magdalen - sinful woman Jesus healed of evil spiritsMary Magdalen - sinful woman Jesus healed of evil spirits; she became a follower of Jesus
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when many men still lived who had seen the Christ; here Mary Magdalen died, and here the Virgin Mary ended her days with John, albeit Rome has since judged it best to locate her grave elsewhere; six or seven hundred years ago--almost yesterday, as it were--troops of mail-clad Crusaders thronged the streets; and to come down to trifles, we speak of meandering streams, and find a new interest in a common word when we discover that the crooked river Meander, in yonder valley, gave it to our dictionary.
(13)There is an abundant literature on the iconography of Saint Mary Magdalen in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
Their latest drop-in cafe will be held at St Mary Magdalen Church in Sir Thomas White's Road off Hearsall Lane.
The love birds, of Canley Road, were married at St Mary Magdalen Church, in Chapelfields on June 17 1950.
Reception into St Mary Magdalen Church, Chapelfields on Tuesday, January 5th 2010 at 6.00 p.m.
The funeral will be held at St Mary Magdalen Church, Hearsall Lane, at 11am on Wednesday.
Gladys enjoys attending the Friday Teapot group at St Mary Magdalen Church, in Chapelfields, and is able to go thanks to the city's Ring and Ride service.
Peter, Martha, Mary Magdalen and Leonard," painting by Correggio (Antonio Allegri), circa 1515
Mary Magdalen Catholic Church at Todds Mill, with Fr.
Mary Magdalen Church at 25 North Las Posas Road, Camarillo," campus officials said in a statement,( Noozhawk reported.
As we make our way down the slope the restored thirteenth century Chapel of St Mary Magdalen is on our right as we pass between houses on our left side to climb steps next to "Magdalene Garth".
Funeral service to be held at St Mary Magdalen Church, Wyken, on Tuesday 19th June 2018 at 12 pm followed by burial at Lentons Lane Cemetery.