Mary Magdalene

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Mary Mag·da·lene

 (măg′də-lən, -lēn′)
In the New Testament, a woman whom Jesus cured of evil spirits. She is also identified with the repentant prostitute who washed the feet of Jesus.

[Ultimately from Greek Mariā hē Magdalēnē, Mary of Magdala, probably after Magdala, a village on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee.]

Mary Magdalene

(Bible) Saint Mary Magdalene New Testament a woman of Magdala (ˈmæɡdələ) in Galilee whom Jesus cured of evil spirits (Luke 8:2) and who is often identified with the sinful woman of Luke 7:36–50. In Christian tradition she is usually taken to have been a prostitute. Feast day: July 22. See also magdalen

Mar′y Mag′dalene

Mary of Magdala: traditionally identified with the repentant woman whom Jesus forgave. Luke 7:37–50.
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Noun1.Mary Magdalene - sinful woman Jesus healed of evil spiritsMary Magdalene - sinful woman Jesus healed of evil spirits; she became a follower of Jesus
Maria Magdalene
Maria MagdalenaMaria von Magdala
María Magdalena
Maarja Magdaleena
Magdalan MariaMaria Magdaleena
Maria Maddalena
Maria Magdalena
Maria från MagdalaMaria Magdalena

Mary Magdalene

[ˈmɛərɪˈmægdəˌliːn] nMaria Maddalena, Maria di Magdala
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Mary Magdalene (Rooney Mara) quietly trades in solemnity, echoing the current battle for parity waged by the Me Too and Time's Up movements through the eyes of a misunderstood heroine at odds with the conventions of her time.
Mary Magdalene (12A) HHH HH A WOMAN'S most cherished asset, her reputation, is at the mercy of jealous, controlling men in this revisionist religious drama, which attempts to wash away the stains of ill repute from Jesus' devoted disciple.
Co-written by Helen Edmundson and Philippa Goslett, Mary Magdalene quietly trades in solemnity, echoing the current battle for parity waged by the Me Too and Time's Up movements through the eyes of a misunderstood heroine at odds with the suffocating conventions of her time.
Also known as Miriam of Magdala, Mary Magdalene was considered by the apostle John to be the founder of Christianity because she was the first witness to the Resurrection.
The appearance of the US actress, whose engagement to Prince Harry was announced in November, drew large crowds to St Mary Magdalene Church.
Antar's inspiration came from the story of Mary Magdalene in the Bible and the inherited old stories.
This artfully co-authored book examines the impact of gender on the evolving presence and depiction of two key religious figures, Thomas and Mary Magdalene, and their most central narratives, that of Mary Magdalene's meeting of Christ in the garden (the Noli me tangere narrative) and Christ's post-resurrection manifestation to the disbeliever Thomas (the "Doubting Thomas" narrative).
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I was shocked upon reading Asuncion David Maramba's article, 'Closing the gap between priest and people' in the May 26 issue of the Inquirer, in which she mentioned that a Catholic priest, during a TV Mass, described Mary Magdalene as 'a prostitute, possessed by the devil.
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