Mary Magdalene

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Mary Mag·da·lene

 (măg′də-lən, -lēn′)
In the New Testament, a woman whom Jesus cured of evil spirits. She is also identified with the repentant prostitute who washed the feet of Jesus.

[Ultimately from Greek Mariā hē Magdalēnē, Mary of Magdala, probably after Magdala, a village on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee.]
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Mary Magdalene

(Bible) Saint Mary Magdalene New Testament a woman of Magdala (ˈmæɡdələ) in Galilee whom Jesus cured of evil spirits (Luke 8:2) and who is often identified with the sinful woman of Luke 7:36–50. In Christian tradition she is usually taken to have been a prostitute. Feast day: July 22. See also magdalen
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Mar′y Mag′dalene

Mary of Magdala: traditionally identified with the repentant woman whom Jesus forgave. Luke 7:37–50.
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Noun1.Mary Magdalene - sinful woman Jesus healed of evil spiritsMary Magdalene - sinful woman Jesus healed of evil spirits; she became a follower of Jesus
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Maria MagdalenaMaria von Magdala
María Magdalena
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Maria Magdalena
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Mary Magdalene

[ˈmɛərɪˈmægdəˌliːn] nMaria Maddalena, Maria di Magdala
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'Mary Magdalene in Ecstasy' was painted by Ary Scheffer in 1856 and is from the Lubin Family Private Collection.
Mary Magdalene Parish in Pililla, Rizal, in solemn observance of the Feast of Saint Mary Magdalene (Santa Maria Magdalena), the sister of Saints Martha and Lazarus, who, according to the Holy Bible, were close friends of Jesus.
What we know about Mary Magdalene from the New Testament is precious little, but that didn't stop Pope Gregory the Great in 591 from preaching a sermon in which he conflated three accounts of almost certainly different women into one noetic portrait of the Magdalene.
Saint Mary Magdalene, First Mystic of the Church, was honored as the second-most important woman in the New Testament, after the Blessed Mother.
St Mary Magdalene Church in Albrighton will play host to the sixth annual event tomorrow and Saturday and is expecting to mark the occasion by finally smashing through the PS55,000 needed to complete the restoration project in the chancel, including work on the medieval stonework and glass for the East and 19th century Warrington windows.
Catholics around the world mostly remember Mary Magdalene as the first witness to the empty tomb of Jesus - a key proof of his resurrection on Easter Sunday.
The service, attended by other members of the royal family, was held in St Mary Magdalene Church.
Here St Mary Magdalene Church of England Primary School, 48 Brayards Road, London, SE15 3RA, is put into focus to show its scores in relation to other schools in the area.
Philip and Camilla did not join the rest of the royals as they made the short walk from the Queen's Sandringham home to the nearby church of St Mary Magdalene.
Mary Magdalene has always represented a female spirituality as alarming as it is admirable, says Arnold, and during the 16th century, women across the Christian West eagerly identified with her as they began to encounter her story through the emerging practice of Bible reading in the vernacular.
RESTORATION work has begun at St Mary Magdalene Church in Belmont, Durham City thanks to a Heritage Lottery Fund grant.
Readers of Scripture first meet Mary Magdalene during Jesus' preaching and healing ministry in Galilee as someone healed "from whom seven demons had gone out" (Luke 8:2).