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 (mä-sī′, mä′sī)
n. pl. Masai or Ma·sais
1. A member of a chiefly pastoral people of Kenya and parts of Tanzania.
2. also Maa·sai The Nilotic language of this people.

Ma·sai′ adj.
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(ˈmɑːsaɪ; mɑːˈsaɪ; ˈmæsaɪ)
npl -sais or -sai
1. (Peoples) a member of a Nilotic people, formerly noted as warriors, living chiefly in Kenya and Tanzania
2. (Languages) the language of this people, belonging to the Nilotic group of the Nilo-Saharan family
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or Maa•sai

(məˈsaɪ, ˈmɑ saɪ)

n., pl. -sais, (esp. collectively) -sai.
1. a member of a traditionally pastoral African people of the upland steppes of S Kenya and NE Tanzania.
2. the Nilotic language of the Masai.
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Noun1.Masai - a Nilotic language
Nilotic, Nilotic language - a group of languages of East Africa belonging to the Chari-Nile group
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They were as well-bred in their way as the /habituees/ of a fashionable drawing-room, and in this respect they differ from Zulu women and their cousins the Masai who inhabit the district beyond Zanzibar.
Parker's father, Michael, is considered one of the most genetically valuable male Masai giraffes in human care because of his few relatives in zoos, other than his own offspring.
Masai said that ultra-easy monetary policy should be continued because of uncertainty over how fast inflation would rise.
The Masai Mara offers the best chances to see these five - elephants, buffalo, lions, leopards and rhinos.
Masai, from West Bromwich, scooped the prestigious top prize, following in the footsteps of quickfire funnymen such as Tim Vine.
Masai won the coveted "Dave's Funniest Joke of the Fringe" award after 27 per cent of voters voted in his favour.
The lodge affords spacious tented accommodation amenities and is beautifully furnished with king-sized and deep comfortable beds; waterfall showers with luxury Gilchrist & Soames amenities; and private viewing decks overlooking the Masai Mara.
we are taking our time to ensure she is removed safely," Mr Masai said.
The death toll from the collapse of the building has reached 36, Masai said.
"She only cried when she was rescued from the debris," Mr Masai said.