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 (mās′fēld′), John 1878-1967.
British writer primarily known for his poetry, including The Everlasting Mercy (1911) and the Chaucerian Reynard the Fox (1919). He became poet laureate in 1930.


(Biography) John. 1878–1967, English poet, novelist, and critic; poet laureate (1930–67)


(ˈmeɪsˌfild, ˈmeɪz-)

John, 1878–1967, English poet: poet laureate 1930–67.
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Noun1.Masefield - English poet (1878-1967)Masefield - English poet (1878-1967)    
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John Masefield has daringly enlarged the field of poetry by frank but very sincere treatment of extremely realistic subjects.
The court was told Wilson, of Masefield Drive, South Shields, had allegedly taken a "new psychoactive substance" or "NSS" into the Acklington jail.
In 1903, Crommelin's grand-daughter Constance married John Masefield the "poet of the sea" who was to become England's poet laureate.
The school, on Masefield Road in Hartlepool, has even been donated a large amount of toys and equipment to replace some of those decimated by the flames.
Yeats to Terence Gray; key Georgian dramatists like John Masefield and Gordon Bottomley; the emergence and development of religious verse drama by those like Masefield, Charles Williams, and Dorothy L.
Edward Bennett, 47, from Station Terrace, Penrhiwceiber, and Stephen Bennett, 53, from Masefield Way, Pontypridd, deny murdering Mark Jones in Mountain Ash.
The balaclava-clad pair struck at Select and Save Store in Masefield Drive at around 5.
1967: John Masefield, Poet Laureate from 1930, died.
Hourly "in all that time," wrote John Masefield in his account Gallipoli, "[the soldier] has seen his friends blown to pieces at his side, or dismembered, or drowned, or driven mad, or stabbed, or sniped by some unseen stalker.
Roger Masefield, a lawyer for the Libyan Investment Authority, said that Goldman took "unfair advantage of the relationship and confidence that had been established between the parties and exploited the L.