Mash tun

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a large tub used in making mash and wort.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Spectators are encouraged to come along and cheer the participants on, while The Mash Tun is putting on a free post-event barbecue.
IT'S a King Street hat-trick with the opening of Thai Kitchen No.6, a small family-run restaurant that joins the muchrevered Kala and the lessrevered Mash Tun in the 55 King Street building The stumbling block for Thai Kitchen No.6 is that it's hidden - more hidden, even, than the blink-and-you'll-miss-it Mash Tun, given that it sits underneath the sausage and mash gastropub.
Samples of malt, wort and hops from the brew were shared with patrons, and a video camera was set up over the mash tun and kettle to live-stream the goings-on inside the vessels.
Claire Drysdale, co-founder of Brigston & Co with her husband, Euan, said: "We're looking forward to serving up our special creation which is made with reduced liquor from the mash tun of Innis & Gunn's Gunnpowder IPA and then smoked in oak.
The Tamworth Brewing Company will craft a variety of beers and ales in a Tamworth-made mash tun in Market Street.
It will be crafting a variety of beers and ales in a Tamworthmade mash tun for residents to try, buy and make themselves.
As the 48-year-old stands outside the modern unit with its 10-barrel kettle, mash tun and temperaturecontrolled fermenters that can brew up to 7,500 pints a week, he points and says: "Brinkburn Street was just over there.
The mash tun, hot liquor tank, fermenters and boilers had arrived from Bubba's Barrels of Knoxville, Tennessee.
invited Roger to smash a bottle of beer - Full Whack, of course - against the new mash tun.
Owner and head brewer Phill Blanchard with his copper and mash tun at Hafod Brewery on Gas Lane, Mold Pics: IAN COOPER
Construction is ongoing, but when it is complete, Dixie Elixirs' extraction unit will be displayed behind glass near the facility's entrance, similar to the mash tun in a brewery, Hodas said.