Mash tun

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a large tub used in making mash and wort.

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The pair, who share a passion for music and food, will also reopen Oddest as real ale bar The Mash Tun, together with brewer Scott Martin.
The Tamworth Brewing Company will craft a variety of beers and ales in a Tamworth-made mash tun in Market Street.
It will be crafting a variety of beers and ales in a Tamworthmade mash tun for residents to try, buy and make themselves.
As the 48-year-old stands outside the modern unit with its 10-barrel kettle, mash tun and temperaturecontrolled fermenters that can brew up to 7,500 pints a week, he points and says: "Brinkburn Street was just over there.
The mash tun, hot liquor tank, fermenters and boilers had arrived from Bubba's Barrels of Knoxville, Tennessee.
invited Roger to smash a bottle of beer - Full Whack, of course - against the new mash tun.
Owner and head brewer Phill Blanchard with his copper and mash tun at Hafod Brewery on Gas Lane, Mold Pics: IAN COOPER
Connecting the mash tun, the boil kettle, and the fermenter was an extreme project, as the pieces arrived with only a picture of how the final layout should look.
So we know during each day when we'll be running the mash tun and when we'll be stopping the stills--we have to make sure that we move the peaks so they don't all coincide.
Stewart Adamson, the brand manager, was the perfect guide and showed me the traditional mash tun, copper stills and casks.
So he got to work with his fermenting buckets and mash tun and has now produced around 20 gallons of the thirstquenching ale.
The thick porridgy liquid is left in a vessel called a mash tun for several hours while the sugars in the malt dissolve.