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A city of southeast South Korea west of Busan. Its port was opened to foreign trade in 1899.


(Placename) a port in SE South Korea, on an inlet of the Korea Strait: first opened to foreign trade in 1899. Pop: 428 000 (2005 est)


(ˈmɑ sɑn)

a seaport in SE South Korea. 449,236.
Formerly, Ma•sam•po (məˈsɑm poʊ)
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Tenders are invited for Construction for mashan bhumi 3rd time
In details, the "Toyota" unidentified driver failed to stop at the army checkpoint at Bir Hayt square, completing his way towards the direction of the town of Mashan, where he parked his car and fled into the valley.
The Lebanese al-Akhbar newspaper quoted a source in Hasha al-Shaabi as saying that Iraqi Volunteer Forces Spokesman Ahmad al-Assadi and Mashan al-Jabouri, another leader of the popular group, visited Syria last week.
If we got hungry, we bought snacks from the mashan on the side of the road--pate, pastry squares about the size of a small hamburger with flaky outer crust and a dollop of spicy ground beef inside; or bisuit bread; or small cones of raw sugar that were tightly wrapped in paper.
With Antar now unable to attack at will for fear of leaving Mashan too much space, Lebanon lacked an extra man in attack and the possession they enjoyed in the first half was significantly reduced.
Kuwaiti coach Goran Tufegdzic brought in Abdul Aziz Mashan in the 71st minute and Ahmad Ajab Al Zemi in the 80th minute but Uzbekistan held on to keep their 100 per cent record.
Also included in the large (H)mong "cultural family" are the groups speaking Guiyang dialect, Huishui dialect, Luobohe dialect, Nandan dialect, Zhonganjiang dialect and Mashan dialect.
13 mm shell length), used in this experiment were obtained from a spawning at Mashan Fisheries Co.
Three of the crematioin grounds-Shankhamul mashan, Manohara Manimati mashan and Yappa mashan--are located adjacent to Mother Goddess shrines--those of Camundg, Bal Kumgri and Vishnu Devi respectively.
Survivors include three children, Judy Mashan, Larry Vilhauer and Terry Vilhauer, all of Eugene; four brothers, Robert and Jake, both of Huron, Edmund of Eugene and Alvin of Rainier; three sisters, Linda Lonberg of Portland, Leona Matke of Sun City West, Ariz.
Marcel Tupen Mashan, a spokesman at the local government office responsible for East Nusa Tenggara Province, said 30 of the dead were found in Ende Regency, 10 in East Flores Regency, nine in Manggarai Regency, six in Sikka Regency -- all on Flores Island -- and another one in East Kupang Regency on West Timor.