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n, pl -na or -nas
1. (Peoples) another name for the Shona1
2. (Languages) another name for the Shona1
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(ˈʃoʊ nə)

n., pl. -nas, (esp. collectively) -na.
1. a member of any of a group of African peoples living mainly in Zimbabwe and adjacent parts of Mozambique.
2. the Bantu languages of the Shona.
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For example, indigenous cattle breeds such as Nguni, Mashona, Tswana, and Tuli are critical components of smallholder beef production in Southern Africa.
The ethnic dimension was heightened by Nyandoro's comments that FROLIZI leadership should be drawn upon "proper lines" in which "senior leaders would be of the Mashona tribe" (Sithole 54).
When the companion destroyer, Mashona, is sunk by the bombs, nearly 150 of its rescued survivors crowd Tartar as it continues to fight off the attacking bombers for 13 hours.
Baldwin's stories include first person anecdotes of such luminaries as "Elephant" White, with whom he hunted in Natal, and his meeting with the legendary Boer hunters John Viljoen and Piet Jacobs who hunted the Mashona country with Henry Hartley up to the Umfuli river with special permission from Mzilikazi.
The iron claw of colonization is bracing to form a fist over Mashona and Matabeleland of Southern Africa in 1896.
In the Order Coleoptera, the following adult insect species were eaten by some Zimbabweans: Eulepida anatine, Eulepida mashona, Eulepida nitidicollis.
Next was Ordinary Seaman John Verdum, aged 24, who was lost when the Bismark sank his ship, HMS Mashona. Finally, we had Able Seaman Terence Rice, 21, who died while serving on HMS Mashona, sunk in operations against the Bismark.
Is this not tribal war of the kind we saw between Yoruba and Ibo in Nigeria, Kikuyu and Luo in Kenya, Mashona and Matabele in Zimbabwe, and Tutsi and Hutu in Rwanda and Burundi?
The final, and probably worst, possibility is that Mugabe concludes he can settle for ruling over a rump Zimbabwe, maintaining control over Harare and the Mashona heartland, the critical forces of the National Reserve Force and CIO [Central Intelligence Organisation] and a few key assets--gold, diamonds, platinum and Air Zimbabwe to fund the good times.
The Mashona (Shona speakers), who constitute about 75% of the population, have lived in the area the longest and are the majority language group.
Example 1: Determining the V magnitude of asteroid (1467) Mashona