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Noun1.Mashriq - Arabic name for the Middle EastMashriq - Arabic name for the Middle East  
Arabic, Arabic language - the Semitic language of the Arabs; spoken in a variety of dialects
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In particular, he noted the condition of the road from City Saddar Road behind Mashriq Hotel, towards the main square, which has deteriorated because of heavy traffic and rain.
Other media persons including Director News current affairs Mashriq TV Peshawar Mehmood Jan Babar, Bureau chief Aaj TV Peshawar Farzana Ali, Chief reporter The News international Peshawar Bureau Chief Yousaf Ali participated in the ceremony.
'As published in Daily Mashriq Peshawar dated June 20 and also seen [on] social media, you have visited Kurram tribal district which is [a] violation of [the] code of conduct of elections,' the notice reads.
Balochistan Daily Seats: Daily Awam, Quetta and Daily Mashriq, Quetta.
The programmes prohibited by PEMRA included Voice of America and View360 aired by Aaj TV, Ramzan Humara Emaan aired by Aaj TV, Live with Dr Shahid Masood aired by ARY News, Ramzan Main Bol and Aisa Nahin Chaely Ga hosted by Dr Aamer Liaquat on Bol News, Live with Dr Shahid Masood,aired by Bol News, News@8 aired by Channel 5,Zara Hat Key, aired by Dawan News, DW Sawal of Express News, Inam Ghar and Geo Pakistan by Geo Entertainment, Narra Da Wakhat, aired by Mashriq TV,Ishq Ramzan by TV One and Raees Movie aired by Urdu-1.
Balochistan Dailies: Awam, Quetta and Mashriq, Quetta.
The channels that have been fined Rs1m include Royal News, Din News, Channel 92, Dunya TV, Channel 5, Aaj TV, Express News, Roze TV, Samaa TV, DawnNews TV, ARY News, Waqt TV, Bol News, KTN News, Koh-e-Noor TV, Geo News while Mashriq TV has been fined by Rs200,000 for airing a ticker.
200,000 has been imposed on Mashriq TV for airing a ticker.
Haroon was a correspondent for Waqt News TV, Akhbar-i-Khaiber, Peshawar and Peshawar-based Channel, Mashriq TV.
The articles in this issue of Alif address the topic--the relationship between literature and journalism--in a wide variety of Arabophone (the Mashriq and the Maghreb), Arab Francophone and Anglophone, African American, and Latin American contexts.
In 1954, he started his career as a professional calligrapher at Roznama Hilal-e-Pakistan and later worked with such leading newspapers as Kohistan, Roznama Mashriq, Akhbar-e-Khwateen and many other Urdu publications.
Reported in Mashriq (January 28, 2016) town officials in Peshawar raided the office of the healthcare commission (dhawa bol diya) in an attempt to close it down during an operation against illegal occupation of government land.