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Lawrence River around Louiseville, towards the shores of Lac Maskinonge. The lake is situated in the gentle rolling hills of the Lanaudiere region of the province, about 100 km.
Sigouin's successor is Sylvie Fontaine, who spent the last seven years in economic development with the municipality of Maskinonge, Que.
Le cas de Saint-Leon-le-Grand (Maskinonge) sur lequel on revient a quelques reprises, est eloquent.
contre les Protestants Evangeliques (An Appeal to Reason and Conscience; or, the Response to the Attacks Directed Against Evangelical Protestants), and Maskinonge's renewed attack, claiming to reproduce first-hand sources describing Protestant theological errors and sexual immorality, the Lettres de deux pretres, d'un avocat et d'une nonne (Letters from Two Priests, a Solicitor, and a Nun).(60)
Dechene notes, 237, that Gerin had "discovered in the Quebec countryside the stem family so dear to his teachers in France." As discussed, Gerin may have been convinced that this was the ideal, but he was not convinced about its predominance, having found three family types in the Maskinonge district that he studied; see Gerin, "L'habitant de Saint Justin," 215; also Garigue, La vie familiale, 24.
Together with nearly twenty other Loyalist families, they settled before 1785 at Lac Maskinonge, nearly fifty miles northwest of Sorel.
Villages des comtes de: a) Saint-Maurice 8 5 3 1 b) Champlain et Portneuf 18 3 11 7 c) Maskinonge et Berthier 8 2 3 4 d) Rive sud du Saint-Laurent 13 9 5 3 e) Ailleurs au Quebec 2 1 1 0 5.