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Noun1.James Mason - English film actor (1909-1984)James Mason - English film actor (1909-1984)  
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The Woodridge-based blues-tinged rockers Jarred Mason, James Lippert, Ryan Mason and Josh Fritschle will be joined by Radar and Drew Scott of Led Pig.
KENT: Luke Bowen, David Mason, James Shanes, Jack Thomas, Danny Ayres, Danno Verge, Luke Clifton.
KENT (from): Danny Ayres, Luke Bowen, Luke Clifton, David Mason, James Shanes, Jack Thomas, Danno Verge.
Above, from top, Josh Mason, James Wharton and Andy McDonald have given their opinions on the Manifesto |
The winners included: Jenny Logan, Gareth Greenwood, Michael Scott, Andrew Beaumont, Elaine Mason, James Roebuck, James Richardson, Alan Shooter and John Korzenieswksi.
Billy Sharp, Ryan Mason, James Chambers, Martin Woods and Adam Lockwood remain out yet crucially Brian Stock, Shelton Martis, Mark Wilson and James O'Connor may all be ready to step off the sidelines and James Hayter made a return to action in Tuesday's Carling Cup tie.
The successful candidates were Jason Bellis, Gerwyn Bowden, Sarah Carden, Craig Davis, Joshua Edwards, Owain Griffiths, Alexander Kalebic, Timothy Lawley, Samantha Macey, Matthew Mason, James Mordecai, Hywel Morse, Alex O'Brien, Daniel Rees, Adam Ryan, Andrew Stevens and Amy Thomas.