n.1.A Masorite.
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Also see Esther Hanokh, "Masoret Agnon vehamodemah basiporet ha'ivrit shel shenot hashishim: A.
Yehudim yisraelim--dyokan: Emunot, shmirat masoret ve'arachim shel yehudim be'yisrael 2009 [Israeli Jews--a portrait: beliefs, values, and observance of the Jews in Israel 2009].
Yehudim yisraelim--dyokan: Emunot, shmirat masoret ve'arachim shel yehudim be'yisrael [Israeli Jews--A portrait: Beliefs, values, and observance of the Jews in Israel].
The Masoretic Text is the name given to the traditional Hebrew text of the Jewish Bible (derived from the Hebrew word masoret, meaning 'tradition').
Modena, he maintained that the Jewish religion is closer to Roman Catholicism than the Protestant version of Christianity, since Jews oppose free interpretation of the Bible by individuals "because many places in the Bible can only be understood through the interpretation of the tradition (masoret)." (76) Furthermore, Jews stress the idea of free will and good deeds, and our basic tenets include the conviction that those who have not yet reached perfection have it in their power to do so and repent for sins, for repentant sinners are truly forgiven.
As for what relates specifically to Judaism, we should state that `folklore' associates and identifies with `tradition'; and `tradition' is what is `received' and what is `transmitted', as indicated by the Hebrew terms qabbalah (`Kabbalah') and masoret and to which the first words of the Chapters of the Fathers give voice: `Moses received the Law from Sinai and transmitted it to Joshua; Joshua transmitted it to the Ancients', etc.
(96) Kahana thus denounces Jean Astruc's method as "distorted," "boorish," and "corrupt"; see David Kahana, Sefer Masoret Syag la-Mikra (reprint Jerusalem: Makor, 1970 [Wien, 1882]), 23, 112, 116; idem, Introduction to Parashat Balaam (Hebrew; Lemberg: Druck von Anna Wajdowicz, 1882), 4.
Masoret Ha-Masoret opens with a rhymed poem that is Levita's self-justification for his behavior.
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This is a translation of the expanded (but not updated) 1987 edition of Masoret ??yesi at misrayim ??bahistalsalutah, first issued by Magnes Press in 1968.