mass spectrometry

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mass spectrometer

A mass spectroscope that records its data electronically.

mass spectrometry n.
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These results agreed with previous studies on this plant using GC coupled to a quadrupole mass analyzer [11, 12] and other studies [9, 25], while additionally we also detect coreximine.
2) novel technologies that incorporate new ionization sources, sample injection methods or mass analyzers.
Keith Clemenger was performing polarizability measurement Winston Saunders was optimizing the quadrupole mass analyzer for larger sizes and de Heer was measuring magnetic properties of small alkali clusters.
Also introduced by Thermo at ASMS was the Exactive benchtop LC/ MS system, which is based around the Orbitrap mass analyzer, in contrast to Thermo's LTQ-Orbitrap and LTQ-FT, the Exactive is not a tandem system, which greatly lowers its price, but it can still provide MS/MS.
Significant Technology Advances in 2011 Fast HPLC 14% Mass analyzers 14% Software 21% Automation systems 29% Mass spectrometers 43% % Respondents Where Instrumentation Needs Improvement Automation 29% Flexibility 29% Integration 29% Data processing 36% Operating costs 36% Reliability 36% Speed 43% Software 50% % Respondents Application Drivers for Instrumentation in 2011 Cellular Biology 29% Environmental science 29% Molecular Biology 29% Medical/Diagnostics 43% Agriculture/Food 57% % Respondents Manufacturers reveal what significant laboratory instrumentation changes they expect to see in 2011.
In simplest form, a mass spectrometer determines the elemental composition of a sample or molecule using an ion source, mass analyzer, and detector to provide qualitative and quantitative analysis of unknown compounds, isotopic compositions of samples, and to determine the structure of a compound.
For the identification of molecules and their characterization in the fields of protein chemistry and metabolome analysis, protein modification, peptide mapping, glycan analysis, stereochemistry of the sugar-protein interaction and determination of potential life and drugs within the applied chemistry of food a versatile, rapid and economic liquid chromatography system (lc) with mass spectrometer quadrupole coupled with time of flight (ms-q-tof) mass analyzer.
The Thermo Scientific LTQ Velos highly sensitive ion trap mass spectrometer features a new dual-pressure trap and advanced ion optics, while the LTQ Orbitrap Velos combines the Orbitrap mass analyzer, a high-energy collisional dissociation (HCD) cell, and dual-pressure trap technology to deliver ultra-high resolution and accurate mass data.
The ions can then be injected on demand into a mass analyzer for precise mass analysis.
- ionization and mass analyzer: Ionization mode: Classical electron impact ionization (ei) with 70 ev and low energy; Independent of ms heated, Proprietary inert low-energy ei source; Independent of ms heated hyperbolic, Gold-coated quadrupole mass filter; Mass range of the quadrupole min.
The LTQ Orbitrap Velos combines Thermo's Orbitrap mass analyzer with a new high-energy collisional dissociation cell and dual pressure trap technology for ultra-high resolution and accurate mass data.
One vendor that is on the verge of entering the portable GC/MS market is Microsaic, which has developed a quadrupole mass analyzer on a chip that can be easily configured as a suitcase-sized GC/MS; it has been shown in such a configuration in the company's ChemPack instrument.