Mass book

the missal or Roman Catholic service book.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"And I will send you back to your Mass book, Master Abbe.
But we are trying mass book tickets at affordable rates.
The two approved vendors also carry about 15,000 titles available for shipment, the department added.<br />But the ACLU questioned the department's defense of its policy, saying it does not explain why direct shipments from a mass book distributor such as Amazon would present a risk of smuggled contraband.
In November 2017, the Digital Scholarship Group at Boston College Libraries launched the Morales Mass Book (, an open-access companion site to the First Book of Masses by Cristobal de Morales (ca.
It has been come to light that three major travel agencies may have been committing identity fraud to mass book tickets on the Eastern Line of Taiwan Railway's Administration's webpage.
Wharton saw mass-produced fashion as aligned with mass book production where marketing and celebrity image became more powerful forces on cultural economies than the individual's discerning artistic taste for good writing.
Understandably, William Langland's "Vision of Piers Plowman" assumes a major role, but Rentz also cites practical theology, such as the fourteenth-century poems "Prick of Conscience," the "Lay Folks Mass Book," and Robert Mannyng's "Handlying Synne." These texts have been valuable to art historians who have long noted their correspondence to the transformation of imagery.
At the OLA Super Conference in January: CANSCAIP authors gather for the annual CANSCAIP Mass Book Launch 2.
Manning opens When Books Went to War with the first mass book burning in Berlin, in 1933.
At the offertory, a donor card was offered up and the Mass book revealed how Ultan donated his organs.
Despite scenes of a mass book burning and some harrowing house-to-house searches, the horrors of National Socialism aren't captured, possibly to earn that box office-friendly certificate.
But community campaigners have hit back, starting with a mass book withdrawal and protest at the Beaconsfield Street library.