Mass center

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(Geom.) the center of gravity of a triangle.

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where: [mathematical expression not reproducible] is vector of absolute angular velocity of the respective body, projected in the local coordinate system; [mathematical expression not reproducible] is vector of absolute velocity of mass center of the respective body, projected in the reference coordinate system; body in the local coordinate system.
The mass centers of the C[O.sub.2] plume, shown as red, black, and yellow circles, were calculated and plotted every 120 days; black circles represent the present time of the mass center, and red and yellow circles represent past and future times, respectively.
The following values were measured on each tested sample (Figure 8): horizontal displacement of the mass center at the column top ([u.sub.1]), horizontal displacement at the foundation top ([u.sub.2]), vertical displacement at the right edge ([v.sub.1]) and at the left edge ([v.sub.2]) of the foundation, vertical strain on the bottom of the steel column at the right side ([[epsilon].sub.1]) and at the left side ([[epsilon].sub.2]), and horizontal acceleration of the mass center at the column top (a).
r and [alpha] are the geocentric distance and the orbital polar angle of the mass center O, respectively.
A region inside this swirling ball becomes the mass center for this collapsed system.
The traditional methods for balancing of the rotating masses are based on the principle which shifts the mass center to the geometrical center by adding or moving additional masses to or from the rotating parts.
(ii) Body-fixed coordinate system [O.sub.b][x.sub.b][y.sub.b][z.sub.b] is attached to the vehicle and its origin is the vehicle's mass center; the axis [O.sub.b][x.sub.b] is along the vertical axis of the vehicle.
The condition of maintaining the uniform motion without vessel rotation effect can be embodied with a condition of moments and forces equality on both sides of the base trolley (mass center).
In the descending phase there are used almost all the body muscles, permanently changing the mass center, being dependent on the itinerary particularities and arms permanently balance the movements.
The Central Mass Center for Women & Enterprise will offer "How Smartphones Tablets Can Make Your Business More Profitable,'' from 10 a.m.
However, if for some reason it changes its position, the movements patterns of hip and knee change due to the position change in the mass center, i.e.
As a representative of the behavior of the total weight of the system it is accepted that when the mass of the liquid oscillates the mass center of the rigid body also oscillates, thereby disturbing the rigid-flexible part of the vehicle under consideration.