mass spectrometry

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mass spectrometer

A mass spectroscope that records its data electronically.

mass spectrometry n.
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The experienced Mass Spec team at BGI has been very helpful with advice for my projects and has generated great data in a short time, says BGI customer Lei Wang, professor at The University of California, San Francisco.
"Years from now we should hope the integration of mass spectrometry is complete within clinical studies, but we need a lot more time to train scientists in the use of clinical mass spec," Wong said.
- UK-based mass spectrometry technology developer Mass Spec Analytical has launched its new Thermal Extraction Ion Source for the Sciex 3200 Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer and other V-Series models, the company said.
As an example, Figure 1 shows the use of intact mass measurement via electrospray mass spec to determine the intact molecular weight of an antibody product.
Protea will combine its technologies, including its proprietary LAESI mass spec imaging platform, with Protein Metrics software to provide novel, 'big data' services to identify, characterize and quantify biologically important molecules."
SCIEX Launches Brand New High Resolution Mass Spec System Designed Exclusively for Routine Testing Use SCIEX has launched the new X-Series mass spectrometry (MS) platform.
Mass spec targets life science, military applications
There also have been changes in test equipment and instrumentation over the years, particularly in the analytical area where Fourier Transform IR, Gel Permeation Chromatography, Gas and Liquid Chromatography, GC Mass Spec, Thermal Analysis, Scanning Electron Microscopes, and other sophisticated hardware (all with software) have become standard equipment.
Questions such as how to select the most suitable projects, how and when to use screening methods such as crystallography, NMR, SPR or mass spec either as a standalone technique or in combination and how to correctly predict binding at active sites will be addressed in this meeting.
At its most basic, mass spec involves vaporizing a sample and electrically charging, or ionizing, the resulting molecules in a vacuum.
This was followed by systematic one metre sampling and assaying of the Korella data base for Rare Earth Elements by ALS Chemex Laboratories by the specialist Mass Spec 81 Method.
A research team lead by Gregory Lewis, MD, of the MGH Heart Center used advanced technology called liquid-chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (mass spec) to examine in unprecedented detail more than 200 molecules in blood samples taken from 70 healthy individuals before and after they exercised.