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 (mə-sä′də, -tsä-dä′)
An ancient mountaintop fortress in southeast Israel on the southwest shore of the Dead Sea. In ad 73, after a two-year siege, members of the Zealot Jewish movement committed mass suicide rather than surrender to the Romans.


(Placename) an ancient mountaintop fortress in Israel, 400 m (1300 ft) above the W shore of the Dead Sea: the last Jewish stronghold during a revolt in Judaea (66–73 ad). Besieged by the Romans for a year, almost all of the inhabitants killed themselves rather than surrender. The site is an Israeli national monument


(məˈsɑ də)

an ancient fortress in Israel on the SW shore of the Dead Sea.
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According to the committee, the Massada and Dror special units, in addition to members of Israeli border police Yamas unit, stormed Section 1 of the prison and "brutally" .
Kahane claimed that nonviolence came from Gandhi, Christianity, and Quakerism, and was therefore culturally alien to a pre-exilic Jewish identity, which he associated with ancient Israelite military feats of Massada, the Bar Kochba revolt, and Judah Maccabee--a litany of past glory that Ze'ev Jabotinsky and his followers had used to inspire contemporary Zionist militarism.
Among them are Hayored lema'lah (The Acrophile) (Jerusalem: Schocken, 1962); Sus'ets: masa (Rockinghorse) (Tel-Aviv: Sifriat Po'alim, 1973); Hayyim 'al neyar zekhukhit (Life on sandpaper) (Tel Aviv: Yedi'ot aharonot/sifre hemed, 2003); and some of the narratives or stories in Mot ha'ayir: sipurim (The donkey's death: Stories) (Ramat-Gan: Massada, 1973); 'Afar uteshukah (Dust and lust) (Tel Aviv: Sifriat Po'alim, 1975); Kemo sippurim.
Many terrorists were killed and injured in army operations in Dweiba village close to Massada, in addition to killing and injuring members of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization, the source added.
Massada, lui meme comique de stand-up, a parcouru les festivals du rire un peu partout dans le monde pour selectionner les candidats a cette competition.
Reuben Alcalay, The Complete Hebrew-English Dictionary (Ramat-Gan-Jerusalem: Massada Publishing Co.
Still, although Jafari's deputy, Brigadier General Hossein Salami, boasted that Iran would "crush" its arch-foes by hitting "enemy bases in the region," elementary military logic ought to consider that Israelis practice the Massada Complex--named after the location near the Dead Sea where 960 Jews committed suicide in the first century rather than surrender to the Romans and acquiesce to the loss of independent statehood--which nearly guarantees an Israeli use of nuclear weapons.
This makes of his late-Victorian, imperial England a Massada, a Numancia.
O intento da obra foi investigar a historia dos judeus da Palestina desde os tempos do rei seleucida Antioco IV Epifanes ate a queda de Massada.