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 (mä-sī′, mä′sī)
Variant of Masai..


or Maa•sai

(məˈsaɪ, ˈmɑ saɪ)

n., pl. -sais, (esp. collectively) -sai.
1. a member of a traditionally pastoral African people of the upland steppes of S Kenya and NE Tanzania.
2. the Nilotic language of the Masai.
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By measuring the amount of silicon entering and leaving the river, they identified an increase that had to come from within the Massai Mara itself.
We said not yet, but give us time.' We established FOC Conservation Clubs in local schools and hoped that if we helped to shine the light of education to the Massai in this way, the right time would come.
The dramatic images, captured by Shayne McGuire during a visit to the Massai Mara in Kenya, show the lion cowering in fear of the lioness.
As well as working and visiting the various projects there was time to explore the region, mingle with the locals and learn the customs, have Maasai Warrior training, I enjoyed bathing in a Hot Spring and enjoyed a safari in Massai Mara Game Park.
Their sightings were expanded upon continually by the expert knowledge of their personal guide Sadique - including spotting a Massai Warrior sitting on top of a rock using his Iphone.
As Sonia Massai has argued, a consideration of Wise's larger output shows that he specialized in texts by writers under the direct patronage of George Carey (namely, Thomas Nashe, Thomas Playfere, and Shakespeare, as the leading dramatist from the Chamberlain's Men), suggesting that a patronage connection may have motivated the publication of Shakespeare's plays, as well as their attributive claims.
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