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 (măs′ə-soit′) 1580?-1661.
Wampanoag leader who aided the Pilgrim colonists and signed a peace treaty with them at Plymouth.


(Biography) died 1661, Wampanoag Indian chief, who negotiated peace with the Pilgrim Fathers (1621)


(ˈmæs əˌsɔɪt)

c1580–1661, North American Indian leader: negotiator of peace treaty with the Pilgrims 1621.
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Noun1.Massasoit - Wampanoag leader who aided the Pilgrims (1580-1661)Massasoit - Wampanoag leader who aided the Pilgrims (1580-1661)
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When Winslow, afterward governor of the Plymouth Colony, went with a companion on a visit of ceremony to Massasoit on foot through the woods, and arrived tired and hungry at his lodge, they were well received by the king, but nothing was said about eating that day.
Broad Meadow Brook Conservation Center and Wildlife Sanctuary, 414 Massasoit Road.
Paul Nicholls' aces are starting to hit top form, as we witnessed with Kauto Star and The Nightingale at Down Royal two days ago, and he is not sending mudlark Massasoit all the way to Cumbria for a day out.
Neither will Nina Carberry's ride, Becauseicouldntsee, while Paul Nicholls' Massasoit is also worth considering.
The Ditcheat handler can enjoy a fine day at the Norfolk venue, with Five Dream taken to do the business in the tote Novices' Chase and Massasoit likely to take the Weatherbys Bloodstock Insurance Beginners' Chase.
Massasoit (1.10 Bangor, nap), Calypso Star, nb), Red Jester (1.20 Warwick), Jackie Boy (3.20 Warwick).
The Massasoit Community College Office of Institutional Research compiled the data into a comprehensive report that includes a copy of the survey instrument and a comprehensive analysis of the data.
Timmy Murphy deferred to Tony McCoy to set the tempo aboard Massasoit, but his rival made a bad mistake at the top of the home straight to open up the race.
In 1620, one very influential sachem of the Wampanoag was a remarkable statesman named Massasoit.
Just consider the notion of partners as diverse as Sheridan College in Wyoming, Broome Community College in Binghamton, N.Y., and Massasoit Community College in Massachusetts--co-joined in an automotive and diesel technology, marine technology, and alternative energy consortium.
Philip Pergola arrived on the Massasoit Community College campus as a bright-eyed 22-year-old, eager to teach business and constitutional law.
Massasoit Community College, in Brockton, is one Massachusetts college with a marine technology program.