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(French masena)
(Biography) André (ɑ̃dre), Prince d'Essling. 1758–1817, French marshal under Napoleon I: victories at Saorgio (1794), Loano (1795), Rivoli (1797), Zürich (1799), and Caldiero (1805): defeated by Wellington in the Peninsular War (1810–11)


(mæs eɪˈnɑ)

André, duc de Rivoli and Prince d'Essling, 1758–1817, French marshal under Napoleon I.
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Davoust and Massena, who wrought in many a battle tragedy, are here, and so also is Rachel, of equal renown in mimic tragedy on the stage.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 4, 2019-CN to Acquire Massena Rail Line from CSX
Release date- 29082019 - CN (TSX: CNR) (NYSE: CNI) is pleased to announce the signing of an agreement that will see CN acquire the Massena rail line from CSX, which represents more than 220 miles of track between Valleyfield (Quebec), in Canada, and Woodard (New York), in the U.S.
The United Steelworkers will now set the date for its members to vote on the proposal, which will cover employees represented by the union at Warrick Operations in Indiana, Massena Operations in New York, Gum Springs in Arkansas, Wenatchee Works in Washington, and Point Comfort in Texas.
Canadian National (NYSE:CNI) is planning to acquire the 220-mile Massena rail line from CSX (NYSE:CSX), both companies said on August 29.
Employees represented by the United Steelworkers will continue to work under the terms of the extended contract at the five sites: Warrick Operations in Indiana; Massena Operations in New York; Gum Springs in Arkansas; Wenatchee Works in Washington and Point Comfort in Texas.
The couple stood in silence at the Villa Massena as they looked at the memorial, which reads En Memoire De Nos Anges - In Memory Of Our Angels.
The couple will travel to the Villa Massena, where they will pay their respects to the victims of the July 2016 Nice terror attack.
"This specific idea, people saving their own money for their own retirement (through payroll deduction), is one that is hard to argue with," OregonSaves Executive Director Lisa Massena said in an interview last week.
While looking down from a footbridge in Massena over the Grasse River, I spotted these unusual looking fish.
Hastings began her banking career at HSBC Bank in Massena, NY.
Faraz Sultan spent the last 10 years between HSBC Private Bank and more recently at Massena Investments where he served as CIO.