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C'est donc dans cet etat de recueillement et de souvenirs que la manifestation de ce vendredi a ete dediee a la memoire de 128 victimes du printemps noir et ses douloureux evenements qui avaient secoue la Kabylie au lendemain de la mort par balles de Massinissa Guermah a l'interieur de la brigade de gendarmerie de Beni-Douala.
The lifetime and appreciation awards were given to Atanur Dogan, from Canada, Ze Ze from Hong Kong, Anna Massinissa from Italy, Linda Doll, John Salminen, Kathleen Conover, Thomas W Schaller, Stella Canfield from U.S.A, Teresa Jorda Vito, Pablo Ruben, Angela Barbie, Isabel Moreno from Spain, Sergey Temerev, Ilya Ibryaev, Konstantin Sterkhov from Russia, Huang Hua Zhao, Liu Yi, Zhou Tianya from China, David Poxon, Joe Dowden, Graham Berry from England, Lafe from Thailand, Rajkumar Sthabathy, Milind Mulick, Rajat Subhra from India, Selma Todorova from Bulgaria, Endre Penovac, Dusan Djukaric, Pedja Acimovic from Srbia, Hajra Mansoor, Moazzam Ali, Ameer Hassan Rizvi, Sarfraz Mussawir, Abdul Hayee, Marjorie Hussain, Fateh Halepoto and other hundred personalities.
Tanguy Coulibaly chipped a diagonal ball fromthe left into the path of Massinissa Oufella, advancing towards thepenalty area, and the Paris captain smashed a rising drive against thecrossbar.
For his exhibition "Les choses que vous faites m'entourent" (The Things You Do Surround Me), Massinissa Selmani presented drawings from four series created over the past three years.
40 Justin Huggler, Massinissa Benlakehal, and Josephine McKenna, "Everything we know about Anis Amri, the suspected Berlin Christmas market attacker," Telegraph, December 23, 2016.
Created in the 4th century BC, the city was invaded by the Romans in the year 203 BC to become in the year 156 BC capital of the Numidians during the reign of Massinissa, main ally of Rome.
First, 'The Ladies lay the Princes in a faire bed, and close the curtaines whilst Massinissa Enters'.
Historically Algeria was first known as the kingdom of numidia whose most famous kings were syphax massinissa and Jugurta who rules the kingdom during the ii and iii the century BJc.
Peut-on imaginer un seul instant la destinee d'Hannibal, de Jules Cesar, de Gengis Khan, d'Attila, de Massinissa, de Tarik Ibn Ziyad, de Napoleon, de tous les grands conquerants qui ont jalonne l'Histoire universelle, sans leurs chevaux ?