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(ˈmæsəˌriːt) or




1. (Judaism) a member of the school of rabbis that produced the Masora
2. (Judaism) a Hebrew scholar who is expert in the Masora
[C16: from Hebrew māsōreth Masora]
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(ˈmæs əˌrit) also



one of the writers or compilers of the Masorah.
[1580–90; < Hebrew māsōreth]
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Masorete, Masorite

any of the Jewish scribes of the 10th century who compiled the Masora. — Masoretic, — Masoretical, adj.
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Noun1.Masorete - a scholar who is expert on the Masorah (especially one of the Jewish scribes who contributed to the Masorah)Masorete - a scholar who is expert on the Masorah (especially one of the Jewish scribes who contributed to the Masorah)
bookman, scholar, scholarly person, student - a learned person (especially in the humanities); someone who by long study has gained mastery in one or more disciplines
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Blanks are also inserted in verse 19 indicating that it was considered by the Massoretes as an integral part of the Song of the Sea, and not simply a prose recapitulation of its content.
Luther expressed this most vitriolically in his 1543 treatise "On the Jews and their Lies," but he generally shows disdain for the rabbis and has an almost paranoic fear that the Massoretes had used the addition of vowel points to deform the Bible and make of it something which did not conform to the New Testament.
By the time the Massoretes vocalized the text, they did not know where 'Aqqaron was located; they thought it was at Caesarea.