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Noun1.Master of Library Science - a master's degree in library scienceMaster of Library Science - a master's degree in library science
master's degree - an academic degree higher than a bachelor's degree but lower than a doctor's degree
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A master of library science program was started in 1948 at Delhi University by S.R.
She earned a doctor of philosophy degree in education and human resource studies with a specialization in community college leadership from Colorado State University, a master of library science degree from the State University of New York-Albany, and a bachelor of science degree in English education from Grambling State University in Louisiana.
He received his master of library science and a master in information science from Indiana University.
I heard the echoes of info pros and librarians everywhere: "We are journalists because we were trained in journalism," she said, which sounded frighteningly like me in the 1980s, stamping my foot and saying, "We are librarians because we have a Master of Library Science degree."
There was also considerable debate over the need for the professional degrees of Bachelor of Library Science, Master of Library Science, and Doctor of Library Science.
Sharp, armed with a freshly acquired master of library science degree from the University of Oregon, spent painstaking hours in the late 1970s punching data from catalogs into a computer to create the first database of the library's collection.
My education includes a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Akron and a Master of Library Science degree from Kent State University.
Electronic portfolios have been used as a culminating product for students in our Master of Library Science and Master of Education in Instructional Technology at East Carolina University.
In addition, he has many years of experience teaching information systems classes for Rutgers' Master of Library Science program.
The degree is a companion to the college's long-standing Master of Library Science degree.

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