Master work

the most important work accomplished by a skilled person, as in architecture, literature, etc.; also, a work which shows the skill of a master; a masterpiece.
- Tatler.

See also: Master

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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NEWBURY 2.05pm Joe Farrell 2.40pm Friend Or Foe 3.15pm Oscar Rose (NAP) 3.50pm Cobra De Mai 4.25pm Humble Hero 5pm Get In The Queue 5.30pm Master Work KELSO 1.50pm Kalahari Queen 2.25pm Joke Dancer 3pm Some Chaos 3.35pm Aye Right 4.10pm Alizee De Janeiro 4.45pm Touchedbyanangel 5.20pm Saint Freule BANGOR 1.40pm Shantaluze 2.15pm Tigeralley 2.50pm Flashjack 3.25pm Copper Gone West 4pm Still Believing 4.35pm Whiskey Chaser 5.10pm Garde Ville LINGFIELD 2pm Sotomayor 2.35pm Fields Of Athenry 3.10pm Executive Force 3.45pm Royal Birth 4.20pm Sundiata 4.55pm Subliminal TOMORROW'S NAP: Western Rules (Carlisle 4pm).
TOMORROW'S TIPS LEICESTER: 12.45 Excellent Team, 1.15 It's O Kay, 1.45 Trans Express, 2.20 Master Work, 2.50 Haasab.
Considered the rifle expert's gunwriter, his master work, "The Accurate Rifle" (1973), remains a classic.
Afsar Naqvi's vision and aesthetics was indelibly etched into his own creative expression and his drive to achieve the same level of perfection in his master work.
Deloitte LLP, which had agreed to acquire substantially all of the assets of BearingPoint's North American Public Services business out of bankruptcy, designated NIC as the acquirer from BearingPoint Inc of the remainder of the current TexasOnline portal management contract and projects which operate under a related Master Work Order.
They are painted with such tenderness The master work of art, Another wonder of this world, They cheer up all our hearts.
While certainly informed by this shared life experience, the book stands on its own as the master work of a gardener who has been learning and recording her lessons as she goes.
Research shows that experts in any creative field take about 10 years of practice before they produce a master work.
They were on even more commanding form, for another master work by Sibelius, the tone poem Tapiola.
Not only does the manuscript contain a faulty version of Chaucer's master work, but someone has written in it.
MASTER WORK: Staff assemble Anthony Gormley's TheField, right,Ken Morris, who worked on it originally with one of the figurines Pictures: EDDIE BARFORD

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