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Noun1.Mastotermitidae - primitive termitesMastotermitidae - primitive termites      
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
Isoptera, order Isoptera - order of social insects that live in colonies, including: termites; often placed in subclass Exopterygota
genus Mastotermes, Mastotermes - primitive genus of termites; mostly extinct; sometimes considered the most primitive Isoptera
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Such true workers are seen in all species of Mastotermitidae, Termitidae and some Rhinotermitidae (Miller, 1969; Noirot, 1969; Watson and Sewell, 1985; Myles, 1999).
Existem sete familias representantes da ordem dos cupins: Mastotermitidae, Kalotermitidae, Termopsidae, Hodotermitidae, Serritermitidae, Rhinotermitidae e Termitidae (GRASSE, 1986).