Match plate

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(Founding) a board or plate on the opposite sides of which the halves of a pattern are fastened, to facilitate molding.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A high-quality match plate tool must be created to accurately trim the film.
DISA has the broadest industry offer with a molding product portfolio comprising vertical (DISAMATIC[R]), match plate (DISA MATCH) and horizontal (DISA FLEX) green sand molding systems.
One out of every three appetizer orders is now a Mix and Match plate. "And total Mix and Match options now account for almost 20 percent of all items ordered," says Dover.
Currently, the facility has a capacity of 25,000 metric tons per year operating three green sand match plate molding lines with coreless induction melting.
SOLUTIONS/BENEFITS: The new DISA MATCH 28/32 machine provides the perfect larger match plate molding option for shorter, moderate production runs with frequent pattern changes.
Hunter Automated Machinery, the pioneer of automatic molding machines, manufacture superior match plate molding and mold handling systems, both linear and rotary.
The Quick Match Plate Changer, combined with production speeds of up to 100 uncored and 80 cored molds per hour (with an automatic core setter) for the larger size platform provides flexibility.
According to a company press release, the new Disa was acquired to provide a larger match plate option for shorter, moderate runs and frequent pattern changes.
PROBLEMS--Benton needed to expand their molding capabilities beyond the 20x24 DISA match plate size currently in operation.