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A box in which to keep matches.


a small box for holding matches



a small box for matches.
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Noun1.matchbox - a box for holding matchesmatchbox - a box for holding matches    
box - a (usually rectangular) container; may have a lid; "he rummaged through a box of spare parts"
عُلْبة الكبريت، عُلْبَة عيدان الثَّقاب
krabička zápalek
škatuľka zápaliek
škatlica za vžigalice
kibrit kutusu


[ˈmætʃbɒks] Ncaja f de fósforos or cerillas


[ˈmætʃbɒks] nboîte f d'allumettes


[ˈmætʃˌbɒks] nscatola di fiammiferi


(mӕtʃ) noun
a short piece of wood or other material tipped with a substance that catches fire when rubbed against a rough or specially-prepared surface. He struck a match.
ˈmatchbox noun
a box for holding matches.
References in classic literature ?
Balls, concerts, dinners, matchboxes, ladies' dresses, beer, restaurants-- everything testified to sympathy with the Slavonic peoples.
Denver, CO, July 22, 2019 --( Following the success of his drunk cat matchbox collaboration with Arna Miller, Ravi Zupa has released a new set of matchboxes, this time featuring canines.
Request for quotations : purchase of machines for the production of outdoor and indoor matchboxes
The ration bag included 10 kg flour, 2 kg rice, 2kg sugar, 2kg ghee, 2 kg pulses, 1 kg skimmed milk, salt, tea, spices and pack of matchboxes, he added.
Among the items recovered include pangas, knives, cables, fertilizers, matchboxes, military trousers and books and notes with religious writings.
Small matchboxes not only carry dozens of thin sticks that can light up objects, but they also contain images representing the old days of Taiwanese society.
Cabatingan said the group was known for packing 'shabu' in matchboxes.
THE MANUFACTURING OF MATCHBOXES IN INDIA BEGAN AROUND 1895 WHEN a few factories were established in the vicinity of Calcutta with the help of knowhow from Japanese settlers in the city.
An assorted collection of matchboxes will soon be on display in the Capital.
Great-grandfather's collection of matchboxes housed in an old cigar box captures the imagination.
Keira and Neive Smith, aged eight and six, from Bell Green, Coventry, were among the children making small trains out of matchboxes this week - just one of a range of transport inspired fun activities on offer at the museum in addition to all the rest of its attractions.
Ramallah: Israeli occupation forces have gone about leaving matchboxes at the entrances of mosques and homes in the West Bank city of Nablus in an effort to intimidate residents.