Matching machine

a planing machine for forming a tongue or a groove on the edge of a board.

See also: Match

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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As before, Schlafhorst offers graduated automation solutions that are individually specified for each customer in compliance with his internal processes by choosing the matching machine type as well as the desired bobbin and tube handling.
Store associates can also use these apps to match colors on the spot then use their store's color matching machine to verify the correct shade.
The first part involves the construction of a finite state pattern matching machine from a given set of keywords.
Fusion Home Energy Reactor," pictures of the matching machine model(s) are displayed.
I just took off one of the sofa cushion covers and took it to my local paint shop, which has a Dulux colour matching machine, and they did it for me!" says Ally.
The advantages of entering a stand earlier in its life by matching machine size to wood size were further studied by inputting the costs from Figure 2 at the 90 percent utilization level into the MANAGE model.
In addition to the upgrade to their delivery services, the company has also announced that they are now offering their customers the ability to match their custom created paints through the utilization of Chesapeake Bay Coatings' newly acquire color matching machine. Now, the company's customers will be able to precisely match their samples to meet their specific application requirements.
Matching machine feed speeds and grit sizes to obtain the best possible finish on a widebelt sander hinges on the type of material being sanded, coupled with the material's end use.
Usually the culprits don't have any identity card and discloses fake names but fingerprints can't deceive the matching machines and all FIRs are being traced registered against a single person with the help of PASIF.
Today, there are more than 600 color matching machines in China, including point of sale units such as Color Creation from Nippon Paint, Digital from Zhong Shan Apose and Paint Color from Shenzhen Zhanchenda.