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A sturdy, textured, usually cotton fabric having a puckered or quilted appearance, often used in bedding and upholstery.

[French, from past participle of matelasser, to pad, quilt, from matelas, mattress, cushion, from Old French materas; see mattress.]
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(mætˈlæseɪ) or


(Textiles) (in textiles) having a raised design, as quilting; embossed
[C19: from French matelasser to quilt, from matelas mattress]
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The exterior colour combination perfectly matches its black and white sand interiors and the elegant Matelasse finish with eco-leather details and a burgundy embroidered 500 logo.
Inside, there's the option of either white sand and black, or a new Matelasse finish with 'techno-leather' details and embroidered 500 logo.
Inside, there's the option of either white sand and black, or a new Matelasse finish with "techno-leather" details and embroidered 500 logo.
Sun and Moon Printed Bed Set, PS29.50; Nomad Printed Bed Set PS29.50; Multi Stripe Bed Set PS49.50; Matelasse Throw, PS79; Block Stripe Ceramic Vase, PS19.50, Marks & Spencer
9 Sun and Moon printed bed set, PS29.50; Nomad printed bed set, PS29.50; multi stripe bed set PS49.50; Matelasse throw, PS79; block stripe ceramic vase, PS19.50, Marks & Spencer (available February) And for a dreamy alternative that's a little less loud but just as appealing, this pretty sun and moon print is beautifully illustrated.
The quilted bag, called the Matelasse, is for the sophisticate.
Azure seafare throw PS49; Simply White striped white bedspread PS110; Seafare Rowen print double duvet set PS65; Simply White grey seersucker check, double duvet set PS55; Torren stripe print cushion PS15; Junipa velvet ikat cushion PS25; Casual Collection Holden check double duvet set PS55; Simply White Matelasse cushion PS35.
All of this came full circle last year when she created a Matelasse blanket for Christmas.
Another traditional construct on display at the bedding showrooms was matelasse. "We saw a lot of the matelasse look in Europe a year and a half ago," said Rebecca Rigert, bedding design director for Revman International.
Masquerade - A rich and dramatic gem stone palette evoked from deep dark colours, with a focus on taffeta, lacquered jacquards, matelasse and burnished brocade, coated fur and plush velvet.
Cameron organic-cotton matelasse shower curtain from Pottery Barn; use with Pottery Barn's phthalate-free EVA vinyl shower curtain liner (curtain, $99; liner, $12;
The company will introduce the Sacro Support Aristocrat at $599, with an upholstery system similar to that of a couch; and the Prestige Deluxe at $699, with a European matelasse knit fabric.