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Mechanisms of maternal inheritance of mitochondrial and the plastid genome (DNA) during sexual reproduction
The mtDNA D- loop (control region) was used as a potential marker for addressing this question because of its unique properties, including its high copy number, high mutation rate, lack of recombination and maternal inheritance (Pakendorf and Stoneking 2005).
Further study has also identified that over one-third of maternal inheritance hypertension could be attributed to mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) variation.
used this approach to identify the maternal inheritance of a mutation in a [beta]-thalassemia model (9).
Significance threshold values for LRTs (Test 3) to test QTL with POD inheritance versus Mendelian, paternal, and maternal inheritance were obtained with 2000 permutations for each replicate.
As the film progresses we also find out that the butcher has hijacked his sister's maternal inheritance.
The study builds on previous findings by Dr Dowling and his team that investigated the consequences of maternal inheritance of mitochondria in causing male infertility.
Here there is a strong suggestion to not interfere with a "natural" progression of maternal inheritance.
These mutations may be inherited (mtDNA is characterized by unique maternal inheritance, a classic example of non-Mendelian inheritance and an important element of this learning plan) or may arise randomly.
As the section closes, the speaker finally finds the means by which she can stream her vision-through the idea of maternal inheritance as represented by the bowl.
In a review of 235 angiosperm species representing 80 different plant families, Corriveau and Coleman (1988) reported 192 species had no plastid DNA in the generative cells of pollen, indicating that maternal inheritance was likely the norm in those angiosperms studied.
Hosts may acquire zooxanthellae either by maternal inheritance or from the surrounding seawater.

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