Mathew B. Brady

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Noun1.Mathew B. Brady - United States pioneer photographer famous for his portraitsMathew B. Brady - United States pioneer photographer famous for his portraits; was the official Union photographer for the American Civil War (1823-1896)
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Morse, Mathew B. Brady, and John Adams Whipple appear in the book alongside lesser known figures like John William Draper, Alexander Wolcott, James Chilton, Henry Fitz Jr., and Robert Cornelius.
In the midst of all the smoke and carnage, at the First Battle of Bull Run in 1861 stood (and, presumably, ran) the distinguished photographer Mathew B. Brady. Out to capture scenes from the Civil War's first major clash, Brady and his assistants found themselves in tumultuous and nerve-racking circumstances as the formerly dominant Union forces they'd set out to celebrate in pictures were pushed back toward Washington, D.C.
Millions of important historical documents now are available as part of the National Archives/Footnote agreement, including: Papers of the Continental Congress (1774-89), with copies of the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution; Mathew B. Brady Collection of Civil War Photographs; Civil War Name Index and pension files; and the FBI's investigative case files, 1908-1922.