Mato Grosso

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Mato Grosso

(ˈmætəʊ ˈɡrɒsəʊ; Portuguese ˈmatu ˈɡrosu) or

Matto Grosso

1. (Placename) a high plateau of SW Brazil: forms the watershed separating the Amazon and Plata river systems
2. (Placename) a state of W central Brazil: mostly on the Mato Grosso Plateau, with the Amazon basin to the north; valuable mineral resources. Capital: Cuiabá. Pop: 2 604 742 (2002). Area: 881 001 sq km (340 083 sq miles)

Ma•to Gros•so

(ˈmæt ə ˈgroʊ soʊ)
1. a plateau in SW Brazil.
2. a state in SW Brazil. 1,580,900; 340,155 sq. mi. (881,000 sq. km). Cap.: Cuiabá.
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Study area: This study was carried out in the Pantanal of Pocone (16[degrees] 15' S - 56[degrees]36' W) in the municipality of Nossa Senhora do Livramento, Mato Grosso, Brazil.
All plants were collected along the tributaries of the Araguaia river, at the municipality of Torixoreu, state of Mato Grosso, Brazil (S 16[degrees]18'58,6"; W 52[degrees]56'02,1").
Chapada dos Guimaraes, Mato Grosso, Brazil (15[degrees]25'48" S; 55[degrees]45'00"W) (AMNH 354; holotype); C.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the occurrence of FeLV and FIV in free-ranging jaguars in the Pantanal region of Mato Grosso, Brazil.
According to the company, this partnership plans to develop, finance and operate a diamond exploration project located about 220 kilometres north of Paranatinga in Mato Grosso, Brazil.
This site will be based upstream of several hydroelectric structures on the Teles Pires river, in Northern Mato Grosso, Brazil (close to the city of Sinop).
Phaenochitonia pseudodebilis Hall & Willmott, 1996 was described based on a single male specimen from Cuiaba--River System, Mato Grosso, Brazil (Hall & Willmott 1996).
Artisan miners unearthed the commercially worthless brown diamond that contained the ringwoodite in 2008 in river gravels in the Juina area of Mato Grosso, Brazil.
Dr Tercas teaches biomedicine at the University Center Candido Rondon in Cuiaba, Mato Grosso, Brazil.
During the April 11 opening of the new Votorantim Cimentos plant in Cuiaba, Mato Grosso, Brazil, it was expressed that the plant's mission was to produce around 1.