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n.1.See Matrix.
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They were canopied, alter-shaped, and plain; their carvings being defaced and broken; their brasses torn from the matrices, the rivet-holes remaining like martin-holes in a sandcliff.
To begin with, the matrices were released not to deceive or confuse - but to inform - the public of an alleged plot to oust the President with the involvement of several personalities.
For this purpose, the polymeric matrices were characterized and their degradation rate constants were calculated by a first-order degradation model.
The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board explained that the fee it is collecting for fare matrices is backed by a department order, but said that it will be subjected for review following complaints by some transport regulators.
Using abstract notions and arguments, they give the complete proof of the Jordan canonical form, and more generally the rational canonical forms of square matrices over fields.
So, Canadian scientists set out to encapsulate crude laccase obtained from Coriolus hirsutus in alginate and alginate-silica matrices. Alginate-silica hybrids, as encapsulation matrices, would facilitate food applications.
The aim of this work was to compare the ability of three different alkali-activated matrices based on BFS to immobilize Pb within their structure.
In quantum information theory, when one needs to understand properties of typical density matrices, it is necessary to endow the convex body of quantum states with a natural, physically motivated probability measure, in order to compute statistics of the relevant quantities.
Section 5 will discuss the procedure that applies the developed criteria to classify well-structured and ill-structured matrices. Section 6 will examine the structuredness criteria via numerical examples, which are also used to check the effectiveness of metaheuristics via a two-stage solution process.
We consider the following equivalence relation in the set of all polynomial matrices of fixed order over the field C of complex numbers: matrices F(x), G(x) are called semiscalarly equivalent if there exist invertible matrices P, Q(x) over C and C[%], respectively, such that G(x) = PF(x)Q(x) [1] (see also [2]); notation F(x) [approximately equal to] G(x).