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A nesting doll that is part of a set and is decorated with the features of a woman in traditional Russian dress.

[Russian matrëška, from diminutive of Matrëna, feminine personal name (associated in popular tradition with the mothers of large peasant families), from earlier Matrona, ultimately from Latin mātrōna, matron; see matron.]


(ˌmætrɪˈɒʃkə) ,

matryoshka doll





another word for Russian doll
[C20: from Russian matreshka mother, highly respected lady]
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But see Bernard Harcourt, Matrioshka Dolls, in TRACEY L.
That energy could then used to power a Matrioshka Brain.
In Villa Bianca, you'll find a room themed entirely around Matrioshka dolls and another featuring a stunning bed -- made of thinly sliced and sanded ash wood to look like oversized ribbons, the Joseph Walsh-designed bed is a triumph of organic form.
A traves de las chullpas, los diferentes niveles jerarquicos de una sociedad se "encajan" los unos en los otros a manera de matrioshka: distincion entre los individuos en la chullpa, distincion entre las chullpas, distincion entre los grupos de chullpas dentro de un sitio, distincion entre los sitios al nivel regional; lo que representan cabalmente las sociedades andinas como "sociedades segmentarias" tal como las definen los antropologos.
Al otorgar derechos basados en la fuerza y reclamos etnicos de las republicas, a la vez que se subordinaban a otras unidades administrativas corno los oblasts y krais, se dio una federacion desigual en donde la subordinaciem al centro no se basaba en la igualdad de las entidades federativas, sino que, como senala Paul Goble, se asemejaba mas a una muneca matrioshka (Goble, 2004).
Its name comes from the famous Russian doll, the matrioshka. Here "[o]ffshore companies are created with the specific intention of channeling assets to an insiders' club of shareholders or managers while obscuring the benefits of ownership." In such a scheme, "a bigger matrioshka is owned by the smaller one inside it, and so on." (119)
Nobody said it was easy: Examining the matrioshka dolls of citizen engagement.
Each apartment has been styled a bit differently: some may have Yemeni daggers, others may have Russian matrioshka dolls,' Klopper says, adding, 'Generally people seem to 'explode' in a hotel room, as their belongings get strewn everywhere and their personality clashes with that of the room.
Toy soldiers, colourful stacking dolls - called Matrioshka - fur hats, lacquered items and vodka.
Best buys: Toy soldiers, colourful stacking dolls - called Matrioshka - fur hats, lacquered items and vodka.
A possible reason why promotion of Ulster Scots has not taken such a path is suggested by Ireland's cultural make-up, which can be imagined as a "matrioshka doll" of identities, including the archipelagic, the insular, the provincial and the minority linguistic.