Mattaponi River

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Mat·ta·po·ni River

A river, about 200 km (125 mi) long, of eastern Virginia flowing southeast to the York River.
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A mix of male and female racially diverse protagonists of all ages live in cabins, comfortable middle-class homes, and an old estate not far from the glistening Mattaponi River.
Belle Boggs grew up in the rural region of Virginia where her short stories are set, and one gets the feeling she hung around the grocery store, the boat launch, the Mattaponi River and reservation, eavesdropping and absorbing the particular dialects and dispensations of the area.
These attitudes of passive sympathy came to the forefront in a recent series of decisions concerning the construction of a new reservoir on the Mattaponi River in southeastern Virginia.
(8) The Mattaponi are descendents of the tribes that once constituted the Powhatan Confederacy and have settlements along the Mattaponi River. (9)
This passage stands at the center of the modern litigation in the Mattaponi case because the construction of the reservoir may detrimentally affect the Tribe's North American shad hatcheries on the banks of the Mattaponi River. Destruction of the shad's ecosystem would endanger the Tribe's traditional method of sustaining itself, thereby raising the question of whether or not the construction of the reservoir violates the terms and intents of the Treaty.
6 Mattaponi River Threat: Proposed water-supply reservoir
Stations are depicted as river kilometers (rkm) from the mouth of the York River, for example, M68 is a station on the Mattaponi River that is approximately 68 river kilometers from the mouth of the York River.
In 1999, two stations at M124 and M128 were added on the Mattaponi River; we added six upriver stations (P135-P154) and one downriver station (P104) on the Pamunkey River (each spaced at 3.2-rkm intervals, Fig.
On the Mattaponi River, American shad larvae (total length, 6.1-19.2 mm) were collected from M68 to M124, and the highest densities were observed between M94 and M102--a reach that is downstream of the spawning habitat.
VIRGINIA -- Environmental activists united with the Mattaponi tribe to fight a proposed reservoir that would destroy more than 400 acres of forested wetlands, along with the tribe's Mattaponi River fishery.
The new lake would have drained up to 75 million gallons of water a day from the Mattaponi River, which provides the tribe's traditional livelihood of shad fishing.
The Virginia Chapter is now working with the Mattaponi Indians to stop the damming of the Mattaponi River And all of the Clubs EJ activists point with immense satisfaction to the relocation of 358 African-American families who lived sandwiched between two Superfund sites in Pensacola, Florida.