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(ˌmæt əˈθaɪ əs)

died 167? B.C., Jewish priest in Judea (father of Judas Maccabaeus).
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That was until Mattathias, a Jewish high priest, led a revolution and against great odds defeated the Greeks and won back Jerusalem.
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In the story of Hanukkah--the cruel reign of Antiochus, the unlikely victory of Mattathias and his sons, the one cruse of sacred oil left in the plundered Temple that burned for eight days--there is no mention of money.
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Another pressmark that employs an eagle is that of Sabbatai Mattathias Bath Sheba (Basevi) and his family, active primarily but not only in Salonika.
Regarding Mattathias Schwartz's "Love of Labor," about the erosion of human skills: What we now call white-collar jobs evolved from trade.
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