Matter of record

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anything recorded.

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The effect in Richardson's own time may easily be imagined; but it is also a matter of record that his novels were commonly read aloud in the family circle (a thing which some of their incidents would render impossible at the present day) and that sometimes when the emotional strain became too great the various listeners would retire to their own rooms to cry out their grief.
It is a matter of record that during the post-Tarbela period (1977-82) Sindh canal withdrawals during low flow periods increased by about 25 per cent.
"As a matter of record, the requirements and standards were adhered to in its construction.
Their fallibility is now a matter of record, undone on their favourite Trent Bridge pitch by opponents they had just defeated 4-0 only weeks ago.
It is a matter of record that PML(N) Federal and Punjab governments during last couple of years were duly getting their achievements in different sectors and activities of the prime minister and the chief minister duly highlighted through columns and Letters to the Editor in the print media regularly as the newspapers have lasting impact on the readers as compared to electronic media.
For the matter of record, SECMC works in partnership with the Sindh Government in the Thar Coal project and has always appreciated the much needed support that has consistently been provided for realization of this mission.
To US President Donald Trump hitting out at Pakistan on Osama bin Laden, he said, 'It had been a matter of record that Pakistan had extended intelligence cooperation to the United States resulted in the killing of scores of high value Al Qaeda leaders.'
It is a matter of record that during the chief ministership tenure, Ch Parvez Elahi had launched number of development projects for the welfare and well-being of the people both in the rural and urban areas of the province.
It is a matter of record that Pakistan is the country with the lowest forest cover, the area of forests cannot be expanded but trees grown on private land can positively contribute substantially to the nation's wood production and this is what Subway plans to do," He added.
Contrary to the Afghan hostility for Pakistanis, Pakistan's hospitality to the Afghans has been a matter of record. Pakistan has been playing host to millions of Afghan refugees since 1979.
'As I have always said, it's a matter of record that we are the second fastest growing economy in the world, level optimism is all-time high, manufacturing output is an all-time high,' Roque added.